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Alder Galili is the son of former Empress of Aligindel, Brynnia, and the Silent Hero Avaril. He is a Baron-Prince of Aligindel, and fifth in line for succession to the throne.

Early Life

Sometime after the events of the Silent Heroes, Brynnia and Avaril wed. Alder and his twin brother, Lynde, were born in 179TC as offspring from that marriage. Alder never met his father; Avaril was killed by a massive Shadi during the events of the Unity Blade saga.

Young Alder grew up in royalty, but preferred hunting and swordplay more than any official functions. He was found to be skilled with the sword which possibly served as an outlet for his anger. His temper and hubris often got him out of any official duties. As he performed his required military duty in Aligindel, he was highly lauded for his prowess on the battlefield by his commanding officers. Alder served with the Templar, but was never interested enough in religion to become one. This service did result in a rivalry with Romo Aelias, a young Templar that rose through the ranks quickly. Romo's father, Guerin, possessed Alder's father's sword, Kath's Honor, until Alder proved himself when defending Aligindel from forces that wish to reopen the portal in the mountains north of Aligindel.

When Alder was 15, he volunteered to go with a party to fight the Red Eagle Jotunn. This was in response to a viscous attack that the Jotunn made to the city of Ialadel. Alder, many Guardians, and a unit of Templar ventured to the southwest, and launched a surprise attack against the Red Eagle stronghold in the mountains. Since this time, a Jotunn by the name of Kord the Savage has used this event to spur feelings of hostility toward Aligindel among his fellow Jotunn. He has in particular swore revenge against Alder and Lynde Galili.


Titles of Nobility

In addition to being a Prince of Aligindel, Alder was granted a barony by his half-brother, Phillipi. Alder's barony is a small tract of land to the northeast of the city of Aligindel. This land is currently unusable due to the invasion of the Redstone Spur. The gesture was not primarily for the purpose of granting land, rather so that Alder could carry an official title while adventuring, without having to divulge that he was royalty.


Klarion the Griffon


Alder is powerfully built, but not muscle-bound. His strength is hidden by his long, elven limbs. He does look more human in appearance than elven, and has his father's sandy brown hair.

Notable Possessions

Alder carries his father's sword, Kath's Honor.