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God of Construction and Community


Domains: Artifice, Community, Construct, Rune, Toil, Wards

Favored Weapon: Halberd, Heavy Crossbow

Archgate the Builder

Neutral Good

Archgate - as his name implies - loves architecture and the pure joy of building beautiful and functional structures. He is the god of engineering, stonecutting, and of many crafts. Many dwarves and city planners turn to him to guide their efforts and frequently turn to him in

Archgate is on excellent terms with all the elemental gods. The structures he inspires bow to the supremacy of wind and wave, fire and earth - for nothing Archgate builds will outlast the pure elements. Moreover, when Giants were first building crude stone halls, Archgate came to the elemental gods and beseeched them - allow him to instruct these poor mortals in how to properly use the raw materials the elemental gods had left for them. Though Vultan is the god of the forge, he allowed Archgate to show mortals how to craft properly for their structures - forging Ulf's ores through Vultan's flames to create the brass hinge, the bronze door, or the iron nail. Ulf showed him the mysteries of stone, allowed Archgate to teach mortals how to properly shape marble and granite to build massive temples and high walls. To Kylee, he sought to tame her waters only slightly so that safe harbors might be built for the seafarers. Ulf had only allowed for so many natural harbors but, by mediating his stone works to retain her rough seas, more followers could be found for both gods. Cheleria was the hardest of the elementals for Archgate to appease. His structures kept people from her winds and blocked the view of her sky. It wasn't until Archgate began building towers that stretched into her domain that she began to appreciate what he was able to bring to her.

Archgate has a very close association with Mishya, Brandt and Kath. As the Builder, Archgate and his followers are charged with constructing beautiful communities and the children of Braeya are charged with defending them. Just as they are set to defend more than just the structures of a city, so Archgate is destined to construct more than just its buildings. The Builder fashions tight-knit communities and his followers do their best to maintain them. Hard work and a common understanding are the foundations of an Archgatian community.

In this aspect, Archgate is often at odds with Gromm the Redfisted.

Archgate the Runelord

Lawful Good


Runes bind one thing to another. Runes bind magic to an item. They bind words to paper. They bind a land to a landlord. They bind a slave to a master. In his role as Runelord, Archgate is principally the god of contracts, express and implicit, business and social, broad or specific. The Runelord believes that two things bind together a community: generosity and adherence to the social contract. Whenever a society lacks either, it crumbles.

Archgate strongly discourages revolution and upsetting the social balance. To step outside of ones role may be acceptable for a time, but to usurp ones social position is massively detrimental to a community's well-being. However, abusing the social order is equally as detrimental. Workers are encouraged to work diligently and efficiently for their employers and to do so without complaint; employers are encouraged to pay their employees fairly and promptly and to treat them with respect. Children are encouraged to submit to their parents for as long as they are dependent on them, to be respectful and obedient; parents are encouraged to discipline their children, but to do so moderately and to not treat them harshly, providing for all of their physical and emotional needs. Business partners are encouraged to be honest and fair with each other.

The relationship of slaves and their masters is one of the most problematic for the followers of the Runelord. Slavery is an economic and social bedrock for many communities. The relationship between slave and master is not necessarily antagonistic and can even be quite amiable. As such, the Runelord does not advocate the abolishing of slavery in areas where it is already present, but he also highly discourages establishing it in new societies. In areas where it is already in place, followers of Archgate have very strict rules regarding how they are and are not allowed to treat their slaves. They also honor a celebration called the Iuzo. Every nine years, followers of the Runelord must offer freedom to their slaves; the slave may choose to stay or may choose to leave and become a freedman. The goal of a follower is to have treated the slave so well over those nine years that the slave will not wish to leave.

The Runelord has close relations with Kronarr and the elemental gods in the manner in which runes relate to magic. Archgate is not a god of magic, but rather something of a liason between the magic and the mundane. Similarly, Vigos has close ties with the Runelord where runes intersect with language. However, neither Gromm nor Dra get along well with the very rigid social hierarchy that the Runelord holds.

Symbols, Priests and Temples

The symbol of Archgate is an arch or gate. The symbol of followers of the Builder tend to have the gate open while followers of the Runelord tend to have the gate closed.

Priests of Archgate are always productive members of society in addition to being clergy. Many serve as artisans and craftsman in their cities, and all are capable of providing some sort of valuable service to their community. Followers of the Runelord often serve as scribes or in the justice system.

Temples of Archgate are often the most impressive structures in a city. They are not always the biggest or the fanciest, but they are always of the highest quality. They are also immaculately maintained and immediately repaired whenever any damage is found on them. The temples are built to last.


Archgate uses two clerics as his avatars. As he is not a powerful god, using mortals is the best use of his limited resources. He chooses one for each of his aspects. He chooses the cleric who most closely adheres to his ideals. Not the most powerful, not the most prestigious, but the most faithful.



A follower of Archgate will never build an unsafe structure.

They may never use shoddy materials.

They may never refuse a request to help their community.

Followers of Archgate must be able to build or create something useful to their community.

Priests must attempt to create a masterwork item once per year.


A follower of Archgate must treat all peoples, regardless of their station, with respect and honor.

They may never intentionally upset the social balance of a society.

They must participate in whatever form of government is present to the fullest extent that they are allowed.

Priests must participate in the creation of a magic item or planar binding at least once a year.

Sacred Animal: dog

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