Aruthien II

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Aruthien and Arianna

Son of Phillipi and Casta born in 107 TC. Brother to Brynnia, Lysa and Philip. Aruthien spent his youth training as a soldier and hunting. Only after his mother's abdication in 176 did he begin taking an interest in Kingdom affairs. He was granted a Knight-Captaincy in the King's Dethgar Legion just before the Battle of Ordrimm Pass, where he fought with distinction. Aruthien rose in the ranks and was promoted General of the Armies when Kynette retired in 179. Aruthien II and Arianna of New Elysia wed in 178 TC. Their first child, Palathien, was born in 180 TC.

Brynnia abdicated over an unpopular marriage to Deyak of Arnland in 180 TC, after the terrible ordeal caused by the Pirates of Cathan caused great upheaval in Aruthien. Aruthien assumed the throne upon her abdication. The siblings remain close, Brynnia serving as an ambassador at large for her nation - the role she prefers for herself.

Aruthien II has seen his Kingdom endure lean times; an uprising in Mangalore, and a slow falling-out with Barloz despite his personal friendship with Queen Saerilaith. He has great difficulty keeping his more reactionary nobles like Vladir in line.

After the death of Emperor Phillipi, Aruthien II was made Regent of Aligindel for his younger brother Philip. Aruthien and his wife Arianna were incinerated by the Dragon Sorcheena in May 197 TC.