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God of Light and the Sun

Domains: Agathion, Glory, Good, Light, Nobility, Sun

Favored Weapon: Longsword, Dart


Neutral Good

The Champion of Good

Father of Gromm and Braeya. Athor is depicted as a soaring suit of armor which contains only pure light.

Athor's gaze is the light of the sun; by his glance the world is warmed and all life is sustained. Athor is the font of pure good, unconcerned with law or chaos. He is the aggressive bane of evil. A glance from his eyes can sear evil out of existence. When Athor's righteous anger is aroused, he is a mighty and terrible warrior. He is the general of the celestial forces, archons, azatas, and agathions alike, leading them in the eternal war with the infernal forces of the dark gods. The agathions are his most interventionist servants, charged by Athor with leading the lesser races towards the path of good.

While Athor is vigilant and combative to evil, he is also the kindest and most protective of the light gods. It is Athor's kindness that reconcile's Marya and Skylae's conflicts. It is Athor who forgives mistakes, and encourages mortals to try again; to strive for good. He shows good by the example of his conduct to others, be they his wives or the lowliest of his mortal followers. Athor rewards altruism and discourages selfish behavior.

He is husband to both Skylae and Marya. He loves them both deeply, courteous and kind to both of his wives. He aids them in their endeavors and supports their crusades, doing his utmost to make them stronger and better. If either are threatened, Athor will defend them vigorously. He believes that good is served equally well through rules or through freedom; and that over time, good will spread and grow stronger, because evil feeds upon itself. Thus, Athor sees only superficial conflict in his wives' differences; what matters is that good is done, and good is spread.

He is a wise couselor to both his wives, and their immortal children and grandchildren; indeed, Athor's kind advice can reach even those gods who mock and disagree with him. Father or grandfather to many of the minor gods, Athor is a patient and kind mentor to those who will listen. Though his son Gromm is headstrong and violent, Athor tirelessly advises his son, and tries to lead his great power in the service of good, with mixed results. His daughter Braeya is Athor's pride; of all his children, she has done the most good in the world.

Athor opposes all the dark gods, as well as any who would do evil. Hylarr is his greatest foe - her selfish scheming and sinister plots entrap and ensnare and destroy mortal and celestial alike - whom Athor believes would otherwise do good. His love of his wives often brings him into battle with Gathal and Phane, and occasionally he is provoked into conflict with Shalokar. While Athor is good, and supports the cause of good, he can and will tolerate the existence of evil if it brings about greater good; allow an evil ruler to conquer a region to encourage the oppressed to help one another; allow the death of a few innocents to save the greater number.

Though he opposes evil, Athor is alone among the light gods in supporting the Balance; Athor believes that righteous strength and mercy will inevitably triumph over evil, and that the choice of mortals should be free and fair, unhindered by the gods - and that the majority of mortals will choose good if given the chance.

He and his followers are said to dwell in the light fortress of Lyn-Tir, far to the north. While Skylae and Marya's portions of Lyn-Tir resemble fortified temples, Athor's section is composed of pure ice, nearly clear, so nothing can stop the pure light of the sun from illuminating his halls. Athor's massive spire of ice joins the fortress together.


Keval, 'The Wounded Knight'. Keval is an old Knight with long moustaches and a white shield with no device.

Symbol, Priests, and Temples

Athor's symbol is the sun. His colors are ice blue, silver, gold, and yellow.

Priests of Athor are fierce foes of evil-doers and kind-hearted supporters of their communities. They often take vows of poverty and give all they have to the poor. They are asked to serve as an example to their followers - a demanding task for mortals. Fortunately Athor is a forgiving deity, and even the greatest of his servants know that Athor will forgive their inevitable failures. As they are forgiven, so they forgive others. Strangely enough, many priests of Athor regularly visit prisons; for those whom society has justly punished are often in the most need of kind and merciful counsel.

Temples to Athor are outwardly modest affairs, comfortable structures built more for the gathering of his faithful than to worship the god himself. They often have clever arrangements of orreys or skylights to allow sunlight to create amazing displays upon holy days in the year. While the Paladins ofAthor are quick to right wrongs and defend the weak, the temple of Athor is second only to Braeya in the dispensing of mercies.


A priest of Athor may never murder an innocent.

They must pray facing the sun if possible.

They must always work to bring about the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

They may not stand silent while an evil is performed.

They must accept the surrender of a beaten enemy.

They must give mercy where it is requested, forgive the truly pentient, and strive to set Athor's example for those around them.

Sacred Animal

Athor's followers hold the giant gecko as sacred to their god.

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