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Avaril Galili (formerly Honorbound)

Male Human Templar of Kath



Avaril is a human Templar of Kath from the Kingdom of Aligindel. He is a muscular man of medium height. His long, sandy blond hair is usually kept in a ponytail, and his piercing blue eyes show his Usel heritage.

Notable Possessions

Avaril is the holder of Kath's Honor, entrusted to him by the priests of Kath in Aligindel before leaving on the quest of the Silent Heroes. He retained this sword until he died in 178TC.


Avaril is a noble soul, bound by honor and loyalty. In the quest of the Silent Heroes, he appointed himself as protector, and put the needs of the party before his own needs whenever possible. His loyalty and faith eventually caused him to lay down his armor and place himself under Kath's direct protection after his encounter with Tolwyn. In later years, as he became captain of the Templar, this was always an identifying characteristic of Avaril; one of the few Templar without armor.


Birth and Early Life

Avaril was born in 57TC to Everild and Alodia Honorbound in the Kingdom of Aligindel. Both mother and father were priests of Kath, and Avaril didn't stray far from his upbringing. At a young age, he impressed the priests at the temple of Kath with his knowledge, loyalty, and honor.

At the age of 15, Avaril decided to become a Templar of Kath. He spent much time in training in both the Tolwyn Scrolls, and in swordplay. This two-faceted approach required by the government of Aligindel for new Templar virtually cut him off from his friends and family, but he made new friends among the other Templar-in-training. By the age of 18, Avaril was considered the best and brightest of the new Templar, even among his colleagues.

Silent Heroes

By 75TC, Avaril had made quite a name for himself as a Templar. His notoriety, along with his parents' long-standing friendship with Empress Brynnia caused him to be chosen to be the Aligindelite envoy in a multi-kingdom party to defeat the Witch-Queen. Avaril was entrusted with Kath's Honor by the priests of Kath, and he set off.

The path was a difficult one, but Avaril held true to the teachings he had learned, and became loyal to the party. He especially developed a close friendship with Sia, the Hospitalier from Aruthien. The contrast between her finessed swordwork and his hack-and-chop training made for interesting sparring matches between the two.

According to stories that Avaril later told his wife, Tyllawen, at one point in the quest, he was thrown against a wall by the dragon Mascar. His body left a dent in the rock, but his spirit passed completely through. At that point, high in the sky outside the den, Avaril's spirit was caught by Tolwyn. With an order of "You are not done yet!," Tolwyn flung Avaril back into his body. Avaril then got up off of the ground, more powerful than ever, and helped his friends defeat Mascar. After this encounter, he realized that he was under Kath's protection, and left his armor at Jackal Keep as a symbol of this.

After Silent Heroes

After the Silent Heroes, Avaril was the most renowned person in Aligindel. Despite this, he wished to live simply. The one honor that he did allow himself to accept was the bestowed surname of Galili, given to him by the royal family. This was in response not only to the quest, but also Avaril's role of opening up diplomatic communication with Aruthien from the formerly xenophobic Aligindel.

Avaril later succeeded Calatan as Captain of the Templar, a post he retained until his death.

Unity Blade and Death

Avaril had a long life, however, he never appeared older than a very fit 65 year-old. His long life and slow aging is likely due to his contact with the gods.

Avaril played his part in the Unity Blade saga. As Roderick and the others found the resting place of the Unity Blade, a huge Shadi, guardian of the Unity Blade, raised up to fight. The Templar charged forth to fight the the Shadi, leaving the less experienced participants behind. The Shadi flung many Templar against the walls of the cavern before Avaril was able to swing Kath's Honor and disrupt the shadowy beast. It wasn't before the Shadi was able to drain Avaril of power, however. Avaril waved off offers of healing and potions from the party, for he knew his end was near. Some present say they saw Tolwyn himself come to usher Avaril into Kath's presence.

Avaril died in 178TC at the age of 120.


It was revealed shortly after the end of the Unity Blade saga that Avaril had began a relationship and married Empress Brynnia in the guise of Tyllawen. It was later revealed that Tyllawen was pregnant with twin sons. Alder and Lynde Galili were born in 179TC.