Battle of Wellfore

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Two thousand soldiers and sailors brought by General Cas, including the crew of the Cassandra joined the Regent's garrison of 3,000 - facing over 60,000 Shivan. The valiant crew were assigned to the Bridgehead, a small fortress guarding the northern terminus of the Wellfore bridge crossing. Thus the handful of swashbucklers joined the Order of the Arrow in defending against the Shivan onslaught. If help was to come from the north, it would come to the Bridgehead first. The tiny fortress had to be held.

The Shivan attacked with overwhelming numbers despite the volleys of arrows showered upon them from the walls. Soon the lion-warriors of the Shivan, led by their Khans, had scaled the walls and were fighting tooth and claw with the defenders. Slowly the Kingdom forces were pushed back, despite many heroic efforts, until the gates were forced and the surviving defenders thrown back to their last line of defense - a shallow ditch dug in before the last gate. Literally, the last ditch.

Here the Shivan allowed a small truce. General Cas arrived and told the remaining defenders that help was on the way, and to hold. The dread leader of the Shivan, the Rakshasha Tsavo-Khan, briefly parleyed with the heroes, asking them what they knew of a small group of magical crystals - unmistakably a reference to the Crystals of Power. The Tsavo-Khan did not belief the protests that the crystals were destroyed.

After this pause, the assault resumed, led by Trace Redmaw and the best of his pirate bodyguards. The battle was fierce, but a supreme effort by Bahari, in the form of a giant ice-bear, held Trace immobile while the other heroes rained blows upon him. Though more than half the heroes were laid low in the battle, they vanquished Trace's men just as the host of the Kingdoms arrived upon the field.

The Kespon had ridden for days, bringing groups of Aruthien and Barlozian soldiers southward at speed. King Resolute of Caliban and seven thousand of his Knights approached from the south. A full thirty-thousand Kespon took the field on their fine horses. Aruthien II, newly-crowned King of Aruthien, had brought southward all the soldiers of his nation - massing all of the regular Royal Legions as well as twenty-five Guard Legions. Aruthien and Barloz sent south more than eighty-thousand men, though all were not present when the battle with the Shivan on the Wellfore plain was joined. All the host of the northern Kingdoms came south to give battle for Spaartha.

The Shivan were numerous and brave, but they had no weapon or tactic to counter the massed charge of cavalry. The Kingdom horsemen charged again and again, smashing whole Shivan tribes in a single stroke. Over two days of fighting, the huge Shivan army was devastated. Small bands dispersed to the four corners of the earth. Nevermore with the Shivan horde threaten Spaartha.