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Goddess of Healing and Mercy

Merciful and kind, Braeya cares for all living things, regardless of their alignment or past deeds.


Domains: Community, Healing, Protection, Purity, Repose, Restoration, Resurrection

Favored Weapons: None

Braeya, the Sorrowful

Neutral Good

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The goddess of healing is the daughter of Athor and Marya, wife to Gromm and mother to Kath, Kern, Mishya, and Brandt. Tricked into their marriage by Shalokar, hoping that he could watch sparks fly from the mismatch, the two fell deeply in love. The gruff and violent Gromm was softened by the goddess, but only in his dealings with her and her followers. Her love for him brought her to bear him four children.

She is a healing goddess, seeking to mend the hurts of all she encounters. When the gods war, Braeya stands aside, but tends the hurts of all the injured. However, she knows that war and violence is a continual part of existence. Married to or the mother of the majority of the gods of war, Braeya continually weeps for the pain that she sees brought into the world. To Braeya, there is always a non-violent solution and anything less than such is something to be lamented. Her followers are devoted pacifists, serving their goddess even at the peril of their own lives.

In most of the world, no one - good or evil, lawful or chaotic - will harm a cleric of Braeya. It is said to bring bad luck (from Shalokar himself) to wrong any of Braeya's faithful.

Braeya is the source from which the positive energy used in healing flows. She grants this as a gift to any who serve one of the deities. For many, she grants them the ability to channel positive energy and to convert the power offered by their own god into the ability to heal. The gods appreciate this gift from Braeya, as it frees them to provide to the specific needs of their faithful, and Braeya seeks no reward for it. The healing, she believes, is its own reward.

The extent of Braeya's mercy, however, is not limitless. Her mercy is extended to all living beings, good or evil, lawful or chaotic. Angels and demons, dragons and elves, ogres and men are all the same to Braeya; they are all creatures in need of healing and redemption. These same feelings, however, do not apply to the undead or to constructed beings. Braeya abhors suffering and extends her pity to those who experience it. For beings that cannot or do not suffer, she extends no pity.

Symbols, Priests and Temples

Braeya's symbol is a teardrop. Her colors are pure white and either blue or red, depending on the sect.

Priests of Braeya, or more often priestesses, are kind and generous. They are known for dispensing mercy even to those whom society has deemed unfit for it.

Unlike other gods, there are very few lay-priests of Braeya. Nearly all have the ability to cast some form of curative spells.

Temples to Braeya are nearly always constructed by followers of Archgate, as the temples become cornerstones of the community. These temples primarily serve as hospitals for the injured and infirm.

The temples also act as a refuge for those who have committed crimes. Most nations have laws against pursuing criminals into a temple of Braeya. This sanctuary does not come without penance, however, as the priests of the temple will require reformation from the individual seeking sanctuary. Oftentimes an atonement will be cast upon the criminal, converting their very soul into one of goodness and generosity.

Knights of the Shining Tear

The Knights of the Shining Tear are an order of paladins made mostly of fallen clerics of Braeya. The tenets of the Sorrowful Lady are difficult to keep and many who attempt to keep her ways fail. Most of these simply find another patron that better fits their views better but a select few remain loyal to Braeya. These devout fallen are recruited what mainstream Braeyans refer to as the Knights of the Shining Tear. These knights follow distinct tenets which reinterpret the specific tenets of Braeya which allows them to deal violently with specific individuals. They limit their violence to those they deem most likely to cause more pain in their life than the pain caused in their death. The objects of their targeted punishment often includes evil outsiders and dragons, but may include powerful and cruel individuals.


Daleria, an Elven woman of kindly aspect, tends the wards of the marble palace of her goddess. Sometimes she walks the world healing the sick.


Followers of Braeya may never shed blood or deal lethal damage to a living creature.

Whenever asked for mercy, followers of Braeya must do whatever they can to ensure mercy is given.

Regular alms are required from all followers of Braeya. Many sects encourage vows of poverty, with all material possessions being given to the poor.

Sacred Animal: elephant

Shining Tear Tenets

Knights of the Shining Tear may not shed blood, meaning they may only wield bludgeoning weapons.

Knights interpret the prohibition on lethal damage to mean that they may not kill any creature. Using damaging force to render an evil creature unconscious, however, is considered acceptable.

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