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Brynnia and Lysa

Eldest daughter of Phillipi and Casta born in 99 TC. Sister to Aruthien II, Philip and Lysa. Married to Deyak of Arnland.

Queen of Aruthien from 178 to 180 TC. Brynnia's reign was tumultuous and short. She fought and won the Battle of Ordrimm Pass only days after her ascension to the throne, then was pushed into marriage with a husband won through trail by combat. She had grand plans for Aruthien, but sadly her home Kingdom is a military state used to military rulers. The diplomatic Brynnia was popular until the huge expenditure of constructing Tir Athway and the ruinous marauding of the Pirates of Cathan nearly destroyed the Aruthien treasury. She found herself unpopular, and rather then persevere as Queen, abdicated in favor of her more popular younger brother.

Brynnia now travels the Kingdoms, serving as ambassador at large for Aruthien - the role she most prefers for herself. In 190 she was made Duchess of the Cameran Highlands.

She and Deyak have one child, born in 190.