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The Kingdom of Caliban

Renowned Calibans

Settlements of Caliban

The Kingdom of Caliban was founded by Aric the Unchained; a former slave captured during Nagul’s invasion. After the fall of the Murmaniteydi Empire, Aric and a large band of rebel slaves took over the Murmaniteyedi fortress-city of Cali. More and more ex-kingdom slaves streamed to the rebel kingdom, which slowly expanded to a ring of fortified towns beyond the main fortress.

Since its founding, Caliban has known only war. Beset by the Minotaur Deep to the east, the Strongholds of the Djinn to the west, and the brutal remnants of the Murmanityedi Empire to the south, Caliban responded by gearing its whole culture to warfare. Huge herds of heavy horses, native to the area, became the favored mounts of Caliban’s Knights. These orders, one for each warrior god, formed the living walls of the small Kingdom and kept all foes at bay.

Life in Caliban in 179 TC is stark and hard. Food is rationed. Folk work as much as they can, for every effort of every man, woman and child is needed to keep Caliban from being overrun. The current ruler of Caliban, King Resolute, is a crusader king like every king before him. Resolute presided over the first contact with the Kingdoms, a contact which stunned much of Caliban. Since the time of Nagul, knowledge of the Kingdoms themselves – Ehrenland in particular – had receded to mythical status.

Trade with the Kingdoms is small and tightly controlled in 179. Despite their mass of heavy cavalry and strictly disciplined armies, it is obvious that Caliban is a Kingdom in peril, and that closer ties to the other Kingdoms of the Gulf of Ordred would only aid them in their struggle to survive.


On a positive note, in 181 TC, King Resolute announced his betrothal to Princess Lysa bel-Phillipi of Aruthien. This match would ally Caliban by marriage to both Aruthien and Aligindel.

Caliban was conquered by the Empire of Manath in the opening months of the war. King Resolute was killed protecting his people. However, many of his folk were evacuated to Aruthien and Ehrenland. By the end of the war, troops from all of the northern Kingdoms liberated Caliban, including a Cohort of Knights led by Princess Lysa herself.

Caliban is now the westernmost province of Ehrenland.