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Cas bel-Taren

Male Human Fighter

Sia & Cas

Born in Tir Caspan, Aruthien in 140 TC.


Cas is a tall man, heavily built and muscular. He has an impressive array of scars picked up over years of fighting. He has black hair, normally worn bound back by a leather cord. He also has a moustache and goatee. Cas’ face is deeply tanned and beginning to show lines as he ages.

Notable possessions

Cas’ most powerful possession is the legendary longspear Arclight. This weapon was rescued from the ruins of the Sea Elven port of Lyonadel. Arclight is a powerful, holy weapon, capable of bursts of lighting and inflicting terrible wounds. Cas considers Arclight dangerous and does not normally carry the weapon around with him. His common sidearm is his old greatsword, Ice. Purchased as a masterwork from Leonardo's in Aligindel, Ice was enchanted by both Rhenic, priest of Kylee, and the Enchantress Viviane, Aidan’s wife. Ice is a modestly powerful weapon, possessed of a frosty blade and keen edge. Cas also wears a battered but serviceable breastplate, complemented by arm and leg greaves, that is fortified with various magical defenses. Cas also occasionally wears a heavy belt which grants him immense strength, though usually only when doing manual labor or preparing for battle. Of course he has collected other minor magic items such as rings and amulets much as other heroes have done.


Cas is famous for his irritability and foul language. Marriage to Sia bel-Aruthien has softened both somewhat, but they are too deeply ingrained in Cas to completely fade away. He has a certain ferocious courage, and can be extremely loyal to those he considers friends. Most others Cas considers an annoyance at best and he is not known for charm or charisma even when he wishes to be agreeable. For all his faults as a friend and companion, Cas is a fearsome warrior and superb captain, though he leads by example rather than by words or force of personality.


Cas spent the first eight years of his career at war. First with the King's Dethgar Legion in Rothgorod and Murmanityed. Cas was constantly in trouble, mainly due to excessive dueling and other discipline infractions. He managed to redeem himself by capturing the standard of the Gozon XII Legion, a feat which kept him from being broken to the ranks (as threatened) for injuring four brother officers and three civilians in a drunken tavern duel. (Cas apparently attempted to duel all four officers at once, One them accidentally knocked the barkeep over a table, and two local constables were injured attempting to subdue the brawlers). Considering the fact that Cas took the standard alone and hungover, he probably should have been promoted, but he was lucky to hold his officer's sash and be transferred to the Arnland Frontier Legion under General Weslyn.

Many of the same problems plagued Cas here with the AFL, though in the two years he fought with the AFL he earned the grudging respect of most of the sergeants for his tenacity in combat and willingness to lead from the front. At 27, Cas transferred to the Godsfire Heavy Cohort (an Elite Free Company) and served in Bravenland against the Jotunn. His problems with authority continued unabated. Cas was taken under house arrest after being accused of stealing a chest of plunder for his own use. Cas demanded trial by combat and lost (the Champion was the renowned Dane, called Sword of Twilight) he was cashiered and discharged.

Suddenly adrift at 28, Cas lived in Aligindel for several years as a sell-sword, working for merchants or travelers. Finally he was hired by the Sorceress Alyndia Volandan, the famed illusionist. Cas served the Sorceress for two years, earning her respect and gratitude - and her assistance. With Alyndia's influence, Cas was able to secure a review of his case with the Godsfire Heavy Cohort, and was exonerated of all charges before a Free Company Martial Court. (He had been framed by a vindictive sergeant) Cas was offered a position with the 1st Highland Guards of the Grimwall Legion, but declined, preferring to stay in private service. He and Alyndia began a tempestuous relationship. Alyndia was attracted to Cas mainly because he seemed immune to her Elven beauty, while Cas coldly viewed their liaison as another service he provided his employer. The Sorceress grew attached to Cas – mainly because he was so indifferent to her – and spent more and more time attempting to make him jealous, or at least demonstrate some level of attachment to her. Cas’ only real reaction was to grow annoyed and proceed to break up several taverns in the company of a Guardian named Talabrilden Valariel. What this means is open to anyone’s interpretation. In the service of the Sorceress Alyndia Volandan, (after a particularly epic fight with the Sorceress) Cas embarked on an epic horseback trek with five companions, sent to the legendary city of Morad in eastern Murmanityed.

Cas rode through desert, through wasteland, mountains and woodlands, always faring east with his company. They fought fierce horse nomads and other monsters, losing three of the company before reaching Morad. Cas had been sent by his mistress to aid a fellow sorceress, the powerful and reknowned Samirah San. She had made a casual request for aid to Alyndia. The diminished company arrived to find that Morad had become a Necropolis, a city controlled by the dead, and a powerful crime syndicate. Samirah San was dead, but her shade laid a geas upon Cas to see her granddaughter Yasmin safely to the Kingdoms. Cas and the remnant of the company took flight, crossing the lands they had traveled, pursued by a demon loosed against Yasmin. One by one his companions died, until only Yasmin and Cas remained, Fleeing the relentless pursuit of the Demon. Yasmin had been a member of the Dustari, and more, an acolyte of the outlawed cult of Braeya, so the burden of her defense fell firmly upon Cas.

Finally the two arrived at the northern boundary of the Pale, and here Cas was forced to battle the demon. (He wasn't willing to face it *inside* the Pale) After an exhausting battle, Cas managed to banish the Demon, and Yasmin's healing arts kept him from perishing. Crossing the Pale was a nightmare. They lost horses and packs and weapons and armour, and a staggering Cas carried an unconscious Yasmin through the last barrier, into the Realms of the Free Kings. (It is likely they lived because Cas had no magic and no enchanted items, and Yasmin was too exhausted to call upon her goddess)

Discovered by a patrol from Tir Dunaedon, Cas and his ward were brought to the court of good King Borock, who had them cared for as he listened to Cas' story. Impressed by his exploits, the King of Dunaedon gave Cas and Yasmin many gifts, and allowed Cas to make his own weapons in the Royal Forge, all the while preparing them to continue on. (The geas still pulled at Cas, unfulfilled) Cas fought with the Knights of Dunaedon in minor battle against an Ogre uprising, and was taken, lightly wounded, to the Ansvar citadel of Caern. Here Cas remained until his wound mended, giving sword lessons to the Ansvar Great Elder Krig, much to the amusement of the other Ansvar. Finally healed and hale, Cas and Yasmin took their leave from Tir Dunaedon and good King Borock, and then travelled the length of the Realms to the port of Tir Collegia, where they took a Sea Elven ship to Barloz.

Finally they arrived in Barloz, after being gone nearly three years. Cas delivered Yasmin safely to the temple of Braeya in Perdaith, and then was himself summoned back to Aligindel to report to his mistress. It was revealed to him then that Yasmin carried information concerning the rumored survival of the legendary Ice Queen, along with knowledge of a weapon needed to finally defeat her. Through her sorceress' skills Alyndia gained knowledge of the relationship between Yasmin and Cas, and in a fit of jealousy, expelled Cas from her service. Later repentant, she sent him many gifts, (including a longevity potion, since she had taken Cas as her lover and wished him to remain as young and hale as she was . . . his physical age is only 28 in 176 TC) and he returned, though he was never as loyal to her after that disruption.

Finally, in 175 TC, at 34, Cas left the service of Alyndia, (on chilly terms, but possibly only for a while?) and returned home to Aruthien to visit his family and the Lightning Border Horse. Here Cas disagreed with his father, Taren bel-Kel, and brother, Deth bel-Taren. He was told that Deth would take command of the Lightning Border Horse Dragoons when Taren retired, and that there was no place for Cas in the Dragoons. Furious, Cas left and took a Royal Commission from the hand of Queen Casta bel-Aruthien Galili.

This commission was to go and seek Sia, the Queen’s adopted sister, who had vanished with the flying ship ''Wisdom'' in 164. Cas accepted the charge, but demanded a high price. Cas demanded a fief and title, and when that was quickly granted, he reached for something more (hoping to drive his price too high and be told he could not go) – the hand of Sia bel-Aruthien in marriage. Queen Casta granted all his requests, and Cas found himself making his way overland to join a great ship which was to leave Misten City. And so Cas set off on the great voyage with the other Seafarers. The voyage took Cas far beyond the known world, and exposed him and his companions to many dangers. Finally, after months of trials, Cas rescued the lady Sia and her young daughter. The Seafarers were able to fight their way free, return to the Alyndia, and make for home. Along the way they were forced to divert and stop the last machinations of the Shadow King, and were finally able to catch and slay the great criminal Trenton.

Upon his return home, Cas and Sia were married in a great ceremony in Arcada. Cas was granted his chosen fief, far distant in Bravenland, closer to Aligindel than Aruthien. Cas and Sia, together with many followers and friends, set out to claim their Duchy and to begin building a city in the wilderness. Thus was the Cassian March settled and the city of Tir Castellan established. Though the marriage between a rough human warrior and one of the greatest heroines of the Kingdoms was never easy, the two managed to get along well enough to hold Duchy and family together. Sia’s daughter, Rhea, was adopted by Cas, and though he discounts his abilities as a father, he is at least fiercely protective. Cas and Sia nearly had a falling out in 178 TC when Sia adopted the orphan girl Cassia without consulting Cas. Despite a legendary, public argument that ranged over half of the new city, the two resolved their differences. Their first child, Tala, would be born nine months later. Cas is a well-intentioned but difficult Duke. He has little patience for the fine details of managing the Duchy and is far more comfortable in his role as commander of the March’s armed forces. Technically Cas has the ability to dispense justice, as any Aruthien noble, but he swiftly learned that such matters are far better left to his wife or a council of wise Clerics. A short temper does not make for sound law. The weaknesses Cas has as Duke – exacerbated by an upbringing as a mercenary instead of a nobleman – are more than compensated for by the grace and wisdom of his wife.

After settling in the March, Cas has been called away for a few emergencies, but mainly remains in his Duchy with Sia, raising their children.

Children of Cas

Cas' children are:

Rhea bel-Cas (adopted)

Cassia bel-Cas (adopted)

Rath bel-Cas

Tala bel-Cas

Phelan bel-Deth (adopted)

Avarel bel-Cas

Sia Lighteyes bel-Cas

Red Kynette bel-Cas

Aiden bel-Cas