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Queen Casta in 74 TC

Daughter of Aruthien I and Lysa bel-Navalus born in 57 TC. Sister to Erian, Sia, and Thadus (the Younger). Wife to Phillipi. Mother of Brynnia, Aruthien II, Lysa, and Philip.

Casta ascended to the throne after her father's death and a short regency by her mother, in 74 TC. She immediately launched a crusade against the Empire of Murmanityed. The war was harrowing and dangerous, but Casta survived and prevailed over the Imperial Legions at the Battle of Deregod. Here Casta's crusaders destroyed the Imperial army and marched on to Murdamiya, which they razed to the ground.

After the war, Casta returned home to Aruthien as the golden Queen. Blonde, young, beautiful, and victorious, Casta held a special place in the hearts of her subjects. Casta presided over the Golden Age of Aruthien.

Princess Casta with her father, Aruthien, and adviser, Arn, in 70 TC

She married Phillipi of Aligindel after the war, uniting Aruthien and Aligindel through marriage, though it was clear that the throne of the Kingdom and the Empire would not be merged. Together, she and her husband claimed all of Bravenland between their two realms, an audacious claim that a century later is still being implemented.

Casta abdicated in favor of her eldest daughter in 176, returning to Aligindel to spend time with her loyal husband and mother-in-law, Empress Brynnia.

She now lives in Aligindel with her husband, but travels frequently to visit the widespread members of her family.