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The Lost Kingdom of Cathan


Renowned Cathanese

Settlements of Cathan

In 75 TC, Cathan was a peaceful agrarian kingdom, untouched by Nagul’s invasion. The Cathanese lacked good shipbuilding skills and were therefore somewhat isolated from the rest of the Gulf Kingdoms, which suited them well. Their isolation proved their doom. With the fall of the Murmanityedi Empire, many powerful and deeply evil minions of the Witch Queen were loosed upon the world. One of these minions, a Dracoliche called Krag, fled to Cathan, where he lurked for many years, hiding in deep caves in the northern mountains. Slowly, the people of Cathan began to die. Towns lost contact with major cities. It became fatal to travel abroad after dark. Unable to call for aid, the people of Cathan huddled in their homes, slowly being annihilated by a nameless menace. In the end, the entire population of the island died and were raised by Krag as undead.

Krag’s domination of Cathan lasted for nearly a century. In 176 TC, Krag’s physical form was destroyed and his soul cast into Chatalize’s underworld. The undead of Cathan, bereft of control, collapsed into ash, or wandered the island, directionless. The now defenseless island drew the worst sorts of villains and scoundrels who were drawn there by the easy looting. Soon, the largest city of Cathan, Port Noir, became a stronghold for more than a dozen Pirate groups.

Led by the Pirate-King Trace, the Pirates of Cathan began a two-year reign of terror in the gulf, pillaging and looting all along the coasts. Finally they were defeated by the combined Kingdom navies under Admiral Aidan, but not before unleashing thousands of Shivan cat-men upon Spaartha.

In 179, Cathan remains a haven for Pirates, and much of the rest of the island is populated by displaced tribes of Shivan. There is a weak claim by Barloz on Cathan, though no landings or expeditions have been attempted on the island.