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Goddess of the Underworld and Afterlife

Domains: Ancestors, Darkness, Death, Glory, Loss, Repose, Souls

Favored Weapon: Bardiche, Net


Chatalize, the White


Sinister daughter of Phane and Marya, Chatalize was born of treachery and deceit. Shalokar disguised Phane as Athor, and sent him to Marya. Chatalize was the product of their union - and the provocation of Athor's unending war against Phane.

Ignored by Athor, tolerated by Marya, and openly mocked by Phane, Chatalize fled from the realms of the gods. Alone, she discovered the mortal races cowering in fear of the god's wars. When they were slain, their souls wandered the mortal plane, unable to pass beyond to the realms of the gods where they belonged.

Chatalize felt a kinship with these unwanted and ignored souls, and so began, one by one, to shepherd them to the halls of the gods they followed in life. Those still living began to implore Chatalize to care for their departed loved ones. Unnoticed by the gods, her power grew and grew - until she wove it into a net which she cast across all creation - a net to gather in the souls of the dead.

Chataize created the great Gate beyond which departed souls must pass to reach the afterlife. When a living sentient dies, their soul drifts free until caught in her net and drawn towards the Gate. Here her son Geth guards the gate to the underworld, sending on those who are ready for the afterlife. Stacked around Geth are millions of coins - the fee for passing the gate. Most who come before Geth pass on at once, but a number tarry - some the souls of the great and powerful, whom divine power will return to the realms of the living - others still have business on the mortal plane which may yet detain them.

After passing Geth's Gate, souls come before Chatalize herself, where they must recount the deeds of their life to her. She asks questions to which she already knows the answers and to which the soul cannot lie. Chatalize does not judge those who come before her - that is Halgar's domain - but in recounting their story to Chatalize, a given soul will realize where in the afterlife they belong, and their soul will be drawn to the proper plane. Chatalize aids the soul in accepting their fate, and speeds them on their journey. While Chatalize never changes Halgar's verdicts, she councils the souls who pass through her Kingdom, a final kindness before eternity.

She prefers that the dying transition gently to her realm, and are buried properly to speed them on their way to her, and to prevent the creation of ghosts or other foul undead. She blesses those who perform funerals for the otherwise unburied, and despises those who disturb graves.

Chatalize is depicted as a tall woman, with half her skin white, the other half black. She has four arms and four breasts. She is ever weaving a great net, with which she catches the souls of the dead.

Chatalize, the Black

Lawful Neutral

There are those who employ dark magics to snatch souls from Chatalize's net, either on their way to Geth, or worse, on their way to their final rest. Chatalize hates for her souls to be interfered with, and unleashes her wrath upon all those who interfere with souls under her care. She hates undead and the dark forces which create them. A whole order of her faithful do nothing but seek out and destroy those who would steal from their mistress, and to lay to rest those tormented souls denied their eternal reward.

Vampires, Liches, and others of their ilk are her especial foes, as their rituals deny Chatalize her rightful duty to their departed souls. Her Clerics and Paladins are most blessed by her when facing one of these abominations.

The rare sub-cult of the Black Hand allows for the use of Necromancy and other forbidden magics in opposition to those who create abominations. Mindless undead, constructs, and the draining of energies are permitted, but the stealing of souls to create undead is strictly forbidden. The Black Hand are considered heretics outside of a few enclaves where their powers to combat undead have gained them a level of acceptance.

Symbols, Priests and Temples

The symbol of Chatalize is a circle, half black and half white.

Priests of Chatalize always dress in black and white, usually split down the center. They never refuse to give final rites to the dead - no matter their deeds in life - and will always tend to the departed.

Temples to Chatalize are always located by cemeteries, or at least the local means for honoring the dead. Temples always have areas for the cleansing and preparation of the dead, as well as areas for those grieving their loss to congregate and be comforted by Chatalize's priests.


Geth guards the one gate into the Underworld. Geth is a giant, fully fifty feet tall, and he wields a sword his mother made for him which will turn back any intruder. His skin is the black of the night sky, his eyes stars, and his voice a thunder of a storm.


Followers of Chatalize may never desecrate a corpse or grave. They must always perform a funeral ceremony if it is asked of them.

Those who follow Chatalize the Black must destroy Undead wherever they find them, and lay their tormented souls to rest.

Sacred Animal: (white) tiger

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