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First among the Elemental gods to bestow her grace to the mortal races.

Domains: Air, Cloud, Magic, Weather, Wind

Favored Weapon: Guisarme, Sling

Cheleria, Goddess of the Sky and Weather



Mother of Alyssa through Vultan and of Ianadale through Ulf, Cheleria is quick of thought and deed, and the most likely of the Elemental gods to intervene in mortal affairs. She is the kindest of the elemental gods, but still carries much fury for those who garner her wrath. She often employs fearsome Gromm and his thunderbolt to satisfy her anger.

Unlike the domains of Ulf or Kylee, Cheleria’s domain was simple to create. Clouds and rain were but trifles compared to carving mountains or filling seas. Because of this, the goddess of the air spent much time dwelling amongst her giants while the others continued to refine their work. There was little for her giants to do, as the vast skies had little in them, so they simply dwelt on the highest mountain tops, seeking to be near their goddess.

Cheleria taught these giants the magic of air, and through her, they learned much in the ways of magic. The giants, in turn, taught the smaller races the ways of their matron. The mortals loved and revered her, praising her for her rains to water their crops and respected the danger of her storms. In the early days, Cheleria walked among mortals, teaching them to harness with wind with sails and kites. She often appeared to them as a shapely woman made entirely of cloud.

It is in these walks among the mortals that she fell in love with them. Where many of the other gods love their followers, only Alyssa is more prone to know them as they do each other. While she is known most often to have love affairs with mortal men, some lasting years and other lasting mere hours, the goddess is also known to have female consorts. It is from these women that the first sylphs were born. The storm giants had become too distant, high atop their mountain utopias, and the cloud giants had become too polarized, too busy fighting one another. Cheleria needed another people to call her own, and rather than simply fashion them, she chose to bring them forth from amongst the mortals.

She delighted in her children and she taught them many wonders of the divine world, especially that of her air magic. It was nearly an age from when she first taught her mortal kin to wield magic until the other Elemental Gods followed suit. Much of modern magic is still based on the original incantations taught by Cheleria. Many arcane scholars credit these first spells for the entire school of Illusion magic.

Cheleria waited some time before teaching the mortals her other trick, however. Vultan had taught the working of all sorts of metals, Ulf of adamantine and Kylee cold iron long before Cheleria relented to the secret of mithral. Infused with the lightness of air and treated using electricity rather than fire, the secret of mithral was kept from mortals simply because Cheleria did not like the permanency of her metal. It was only when her followers were at a disadvantage following the War of the Gods that the goddess of storms passed along her secret.

One secret that she did not hide was the gift of flight. The sky goddess takes delight in all things that fly, and encouraged flightless races to soar in the sky through magic or artifice. At first, she allowed even the most novice of magic users to learn to fly. She wanted to spread her gift to all who desired it. With such little control, however, the goddess added more stringent requirements to access her power. Not because she desired to take it away, but because a certain responsibility was necessary before being given the absolute freedom of her skies.

Cheleria, mother of Alyssa, is known to love all. All, that is, except dragonkind. It was from them that much of the power that the elemental gods wield and it is against them that Cheleria holds the bulk of her animosity. They take to the air and frighten the mortals she loves. If not for the will of Uhel in creating them as the firstkind, Cheleria would see it fit to remove them from the face of Galhadria. Silver dragons are an exception for her. It is said that, when the world was still young, that the first silver defended the young goddess from an ambush by the other dragon-gods. It is said that this is the reason that her metal has a silver sheen.

Since the beginning, when Uhel set them on the world, Cheleria has been fascinated by Ulf. His steadfast loyalty and enduring strength intrigues her deeply. She blows him soft kisses all day and she sends healing rains to soothe his land. He simply endures her, doing nothing to return her affection. In turn, Cheleria spurns the advances of Vultan - though she does love to tease him. She knows how her winds ignite his passions and can completely snuff them. Their bickering and fighting is only matched by that of Bors and Shyla.

Symbols, Priests and Temples

The symbol of Cheleria is a cloud. Her sacred colors are blue, black and white.

Priests of Cheleria have little in common about their ceremonial garb aside from color and symbol. Most are dressed in the highest local fashion. Where fashion is immaterial, garments are usually light and flowing.

Temples of Cheleria are often completely open to the elements. Some are colonnades with a small awning surrounding a large open atrium, while others are towering cathedrals of open windows and free space. The simplest are akin to the temples of Gromm and have little more than a totem in a large open space. In small towns, the two often share a temple.

Censors of thick incense burn continually, filling the temples with roiling clouds of smoke. Priests and patrons often walk on stilts to seem to rise above the clouds.


The greatest of the Cloud Giants, Daria and her sisters live among the clouds. Their breath is said to cause the wind to blow, and the rain is said to be their tears.


A priest of Cheleria must pray at least once a week under the open sky.

Priests of Cheleria must burn incense while preparing their spells.

Whenever able, followers of Cheleria must not suffer a dragon to live. The only exception being that of silver dragons.

Sacred Animal: eagle or roc

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