Crystals of Power

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Magical Crystals linked to a power of an element or demi-element. Forged by Elves after the fall of Skos. The bearer of a crystal must be capable of casting arcane magic. Over time, they will gain more and more mastery over the element their crystal is linked to; over and above their own arcane powers. Those with an especial connection to a specific element have been known to be able to wield a crystal, even without the ability to use arcane magic normally.

The known crystals were:

Light (unknown) - destroyed long ago.

Earth (brown) Once wielded by Thingar

Air (pale blue) Once wielded by Cristoph

Water (dark blue) Held by Gahl-tath-Urok

Fire (red) Once wielded by Gantha

Lightning (light blue) Once wielded by Arn

Ice (white) Once wielded by the Ice Queen

Shadow (black) Once wielded by the Ice Queen

Time (purple) Wielded by Thadus

Life (yellow) Once wielded by Alhanna

Nature (green) Once wielded by the Elves of Elysia

Seeing (clear) Once wielded by the Redstone Dragons.

Magic (unknown) Guarded by Fynn.

Many of the crystals are believed to be destroyed.