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The ancient homeland of the Elysia Elves. Elysia once allied itself with Nagul during his invasion. The resulting defeat split the Elysian Elves into three warring factions. Their costly civil war waged for nearly a century unabated; allowing dark forces from south in Srockline and elsewhere to infiltrate the Elven forest. Finally, in 98 TC, the Kingdoms banded together to evacuate the last of the Elves who wished to go from Elysia. They found for them a homeland across the Gulf, what came to be called New Elysia.

Those Elves who remained became sinister and feral, sharing the forest with dark and savage creatures which have made their lair their. Only a few pockets and corridors of safety exist in the now savage forest.

Spaartha has laid claim to the northern third of the forest; though they can do little more than patrol the edges of the vast woodland.