Enchanted Items in the Kingdoms

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Enchanted Items in the Kingdoms


Nagul's invasion slew the majority of Wizards in the Kingdoms. As a result, the Kingdoms have struggled for nearly two centuries to rebuild their arcane casters. Many Priests were also lost during the invasion, limiting the divine items as well, though not to such a serious degree.

The problems the Kingdoms have in creating magical items are repeated in neighboring lands. The Dragon Kingdoms were struck by a cataclysm in the 150s, destroying many of their relics, artifacts, and artisans. The destruction of the Empire of Murmanityed caused the ruin of a significant portion of their magical arsenal and most of those folk who were capable of creating them. The incessant wars in the Realms of the Free Kings have produced a similar effect there.

As a result, the vast majority of magical items are of older make; forged during the time of Skos and Naduum, or during later eras before the present day. The problem of course with older items is that someone already owns them, meaning that there are very few items available for actual purchase.

Even attempting to purchase an enchanted treasure can be daunting. Even a modestly powerful enchanted sword is worth the price of a large farm or Inn. A powerful relic like Arclight would command a price so high it would require a galleon to haul the coins away. Few private individuals have sufficient cash on hand to buy valuable enchanted items; even the Kingdoms themselves would be hard pressed to assemble a large amount of coin in a short period of time.

As a result, the most common methods of obtaining a magical item - other than adventuring, of course - is through creation or trade.


Getting new items forged is difficult, but possible. The difficulty here of course is location; there are only a handful of places in the Kingdoms where items are routinely created. Gaining access and the means to afford them, of course, is another matter.


Firforge, in Barloz, is a purpose-built magical foundry. Much of what is created here is intended for arcane casters, and much of it is metallic or mechanical in nature. The greatest difficulty of dealing with Firforge is that the town has no need to sell to outsiders, as everything they make is commissioned by the Queen of Barloz or the College of Wizardry in Perdaith.

College of Wizardry

College of Wizardry, Perdaith, Barloz. This is one of the larger conclaves of arcane casters in the Kingoms. The College is of course focused on its own students and faculty, and rarely produces items at the request of outsiders. Granted, it is possible given the proper connections.

Royal College of Magic

Royal College of Magic, Tir Casta, Aruthien. The Aruthien college is not as large or well equipped as its Barlozian counterpart. Very few items are created here, and the majority of those are for the use of the members of the College. Royal Warrant or close connection to faculty would likely be necessary just to attempt to order the creation of a given item.

The Rock

The Rock, Queen's Landing, Aruthien. The Rock is home to the Hammer of Vultan and the Anvil of Ulf, two relics recovered by the Seafarers. The Hammer and the Anvil, when used together by a team of skilled artisans, can craft magical items of astounding power - relics, intelligent artifacts, and so forth. However, the Hammer and Anvil have a flaw. Apparently, mortals lack the will to guide the relics in their creation. Materials and skill are poured into the creation of an item, and while the smith can control the form of the item itself - ring, chainmail, scimitar, etc - he has no control over what the item will do. The Rock has produced everything from flying, singing swords to cursed armor which strangles its wearer. This double-edged forging has proven expensive and frustrating to the Kingdom of Aruthien. Items are still crafted at The Rock, but with great care in the forging and testing of the completed items. Most of the creations are not satisfactory and must be broken down to their component materials and built again. Still, if enough materials and compensation could be gathered, and if permission to enter the heavy defenses of The Rock can be gained, it is possible that the Kingdom of Aruthien would allow items to be forged there.

School of Magic

School of Magic, Veleska, Spaartha. Being the smallest of the four major schools in the Kingdoms, very few items are created here. It is likely that one could be ordered given the right personal contacts within the School or among the Spaarthan government.

University of Aligindel

University of Aligindel, Aligindel. Of all the arcane teaching establishments, Aligindel is the most likely place to be able to order the creation of a magical item. The University has been in place for centuries, and has amassed a large and skillful staff. As always, contacts within the University or the Imperial government would be quite useful in gaining an audience with those capable of creating a given item.

Other sources

It is also possible that some divine items are created in the larger temples in the Kingdoms, and of course solo practicioners of the arcane arts produce items for their own use, but these sources are not well known and require close, personal connection to utilize.


The most likely method of obtaining a magical treasure is in trade for another one of similar value. There are a handful of places in the Kingdoms capable of trading high-value items. Naturally, all the places which create items might also be capable of trading for them.

Aruthien Royal Armory

The Aruthien Royal Armory in Tir Athway, Aruthien is capable of trading magical weapons and armor. Aruthien maintains an arsenal of magical weapons, armor, and a few items for use of its heroes and agents in time of crisis. (Possession of The Rock has helped greatly in building up this arsenal.) Assuming access to the Royal Palace on the Isle of Cullovan can be gained, and permission to trade with the Armory obtained, then trading here is entirely possible. The curators of the Armory are always interested in acquiring new items, though they will always endeavor to make the trade as advantageous to the Kingdom as possible. The advantage Aruthien has is in scope; they can afford to store a specialized weapon or armor that would be useless to a generalist adventurer, awaiting the day such an item might be needed.

Two Stallions

This Inn, Casino and Bordello in Perdaith, Barloz is, strangely enough, quite possibly the single best place to trade items in the all the Kingdoms. The Stallions apparently maintain agents in several Kingdoms, connected by an expensive network of hireling wizards who are literally capable of teleporting expensive items directly to the customer. As can be imagined, service like this costs a premium, and while the Stallions are the best place to trade, they are also the least advantageous to the customer. The Stallions is primarily interested in small items - Rings, wands, etc - as they are easy to move about and have a ready market at the top of the city, at the College. That said, they will likely attempt to trade for almost anything. Naturally, even the Stallions cannot produce massive sums of coin on demand, and anything traded to them must be taken it items or some other form of trade.


While not actually a trading establishment, Leonardo's has standards to maintain. They maintain contacts with most of the other magical dealers in the Kingdoms, and are capable of handling large trades - providing the trader can afford to be dealing with Leonardo's in the first place. That said, Leonardo's deals almost exclusively in swords, though they will accomodate other trades if they are profitable. There is a Leonardo's in Aligindel and another in Arcada.


Melina bel-Caig maintains a modest storefront in Tir Castellan, Aruthien. This shop has connections to the College of Wizardry, The Rock, and the Two Stallions, allowing Melina an opportunity to handle some large trades. That said, she primarily specializes in small trinkets, scrolls, and potions, not major magical items.


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