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God of Chaos

Chaotic Evil

Domains: Chaos, Demon, Destruction, Evil, Strength


Father of Shalokar and lord of chaos. Gathal is depicted as a massive red-skinned giant with cloven hooves, leathern wings, and massive black horns jutting from his forehead.

Gathal is the father of demons who looses his chaotic hordes upon the world. He revels in destruction and slaughter, and encourages it among all his followers. He and his mighty hosts of evil are said to dwell in the dark fortress of Gorothka, far to the south.

Encouraged by Hylarr, Gathal smote the earth with his axe and drove upward the dark mountains of Naduum. He showed the evil races how to forge evil weapons - and betrayed his own demons by harnessing them to those weapons. Nothing matters to Gathal but destruction.

Avatar: The Guthrook are offspring of Gathal and Hylarr. They stand twenty feet tall, have the heads of giant wolves, are clad all in crimson armor, have leathern wings that sprout from their backs, and bear axes made of darkness and flails that writhe on their own. The Guthrook are Gathal’s minions, powerful and fierce creatures the lord of chaos sets upon the world. They are powerful and fearsome warriors, vicious and cunning.

Favored Weapon: Battleaxe, Scorpion Whip

Tenants: Followers of Gathal have no respect for any law. They obey only strength. Gathal's symbol is a glowing red eye.

Sacred Animal: alligators

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