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This ancient city was a center of Gnome culture three thousand years ago. Sustained assaults by outside foes emptied Gheladel of its peoples. Most were carried into slavery by the Jarls. Some were taken into the mountains by the Jotunn. Some scattered to far lands and other Gnomish cities.

Gnomes are a clever people skilled with illusions and naturally stealthy. The chains of the Jotunn and whips of the Jarls could not hold them forever. Little by little, Gnomes crept back into Gheladel. The city was never restored to its former glory. It remained a ruin, but a ruin with a secret. Over a thousand years, Gheladel became a city of Gnomes - a secret city of well-hidden Gnomes.

Only since 165 TC - with the rise of Aligindel and the crushing of the Jarls - have the Gnomes of Gheladel made their presence known. They have joined the Empire of Aligindel, and for the first time in an age, Gheladel is being rebuilt.