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God of Justice

Lawful Neutral

Domains: Inevitable, Knowledge, Law, Memory


Halgar is the judge of all things. When mortals pass beyond Geth's door and wish to enter an afterlife, Halgar judges them. When the gods dispute, Halgar delivers impartial decision.

The judge never takes sides. It is Halgar who judges the balance of alignments, and directs the other neutral gods to make their subtle shifts and changes, always striving towards true neutrality.

Avatar: Alt Chevan is an ancient Dragon, who, long ages ago, became the champion of Halgar among his people. So great was Alt Chevan that he was taken by Halgar to serve as his avatar. Alt Chevan has no lair, migrating from pole to pole like the other Storm Dragons.

Favored Weapon: Light Warhammer, Heavy Crossbow

Tenants: They must agree to judge any dispute brought before them. They must always be fair. Halgar's symbol is the Hammer.

Sacred Animal: bison

Deities of the Kingdoms