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Goddess of Darkness and the Moon

Neutral Evil

Domains: Curse, Daemon, Darkness, Deception, Evil, Madness, Night, Nightmare, Trickery


Mother of Shalokar, Vuul, the Guthrook and Gahl-tath-Urok. Hylarr is usually portrayed as a pale woman with long black hair. She is said to dwell in the dark fortress of Gorothka, far to the south.

She is the spider in the web, the dark plotter, the weaver of lies. Hylarr seeks to manipulate and control the world to her own evil ends. She uses everything and everyone, knowing and unknowing, striving always to subvert, deceive, and betray.

Hylarr is the mother of monsters. Phane and Gathal have their legions of fiends, but Hylarr took an interest in mortal creatures. Many of the monsters that now roam the dark places of the world are descendants of her offspring.

Avatar: Olwyrd is the witch-woman, dark of hair and eye, with pale skin and long nails. She can appear either as a hag or alluring maiden, but her purpose is always dark. She seeks to turn others against the gods of good, whether by rumor or charm or spell.

Favored Weapon: Whip, Bastard Sword

Tenants: Followers of Hylarr revel in intricate plots, normally designed to spread evil as far as possible. They delight in strife and mistrust, and encourage cruelty. Hylarr's symbol is the moon.

Sacred Animal: dire bat

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