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God of Balance

Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water

  • A cleric of Ianadale may only take one elemental domain

Favored Weapon: Staff, Longbow


Ianadale the Caretaker


For a long time, Ianadale was a god without domain or sphere. He simply was the son of Ulf and Cheleria and, as such, held divine power over the world below. Because he was tasked with no responsibilities, Ianadale was free to wander the wilds as he pleased and simply enjoy them. He fell in love with the cycles and the balance that seemed to exist in the struggles between the other gods. Where Marya would create life, Phane would try to snuff it out. Wherever Seiba tried to spread a little entropy, there was Halgar trying to bring order. When one side would seem to gain a foothold, Ianadale knew that it wouldn't be long before the balance was returned. He loved it all and saw it all in the larger scope of eons and balance. He was not caught up in his own agenda, because he had no agenda to be caught up in.

Though he knew that pain, destruction and death were all a part of this wonderful cycle, that does not mean that he enjoyed seeing it happen. During his wanderings, Ianadale would stop to offer aid to a starving predator or a chick who had fallen from its nest, but only when he knew that doing so would not upset the balance that the world depended on. After all, the fox had just as much right to life as the bird, and neither was more important than the other. Ianadale believed strongly in having a light touch.

It took a very long time for the Nine or the Elementals to notice the work of Ianadale. They were too busy with their own agendas to notice lowly god. The world they had created or been placed in charge of had been a roiling and roughshod ball, and each was pushing a personal agenda that further created an imbalance. It was Seiba who noticed first, when she realized that, even though Vultan had decided to erupt several volcanoes, that a small cluster of Seiba's favorite flowers had been spared the lava flow. Seiba herself was too busy pouring a forest over one of Ulf's sacred mountains to realize what Vultan had done until it was too late.

It was then that each and every one of the gods realized that, at various points, Ianadale had intervened in his small way to preserve something they held dear. Together they decided that Ianadale deserved a full position among them and they awarded him the title Caretaker. His domain was culled from each of them and he was set under Kronarr and was tasked with maintaining the balance of the world. Kronarr would oversee the balance through all time; Ianadale would oversee the details.

Much of this requires Ianadale to wander the wilds to check on the creation and destruction of nature and, over the eons, he has become more and more in tune with the balance of nature. Many see Ianadale as a god of nature, but such a view is only correct from a certain point of view. Ianadale says that there are plenty of gods for sentient beings and civilized places, but there are far fewer for the wild places and the things that dwell there. Despite this, however, most followers of the Caretaker see oneness with nature as his primary calling.

Ianadale the Harbinger


Ianadale was also tasked with a second sphere, one that he was not as excited to take on. Halgar, in his eternal quest for justice, had seen that many were using their powers unjustly and made it a condition of relinquishing some of his right to perfect judgment that Ianadale be placed in charge of bearing fair warning to the other gods when one was to exert their power in an impactful way. While this aided Ianadale in his task of maintaining the balance of the Prime, because counter-measures could be enacted to ensure that no one deity's power swung too far, it set Ianadale in the middle of so many disasters and calamities. While he understood the necessity of a wildfire or a mudslide or a drought, it does not mean that he enjoyed seeing them happen.

Ianadale was too weak to directly counter any of these world-changing divine interventions, so he had to rely on the other gods to provide the force necessary to maintain the balance. He would catch revelation of a natural disaster spawned by the wrath or agenda of one of the gods and he would quickly inform the other gods. He would hear of plan by Seiba or Marya to dramatically increase the propogation of life in one region and he would rush to inform Phane or Gathal. When Gromm would plan to create an insurrection, he would inform Mishya.

Despite these warnings, the gods were under no compulsion from Ianadale to act upon them. Often times, a god would simply take a warning from Ianadale as an excuse to overexert their power in some other region of the world. This was most distressing to Ianadale and he soon began turning to the creatures of the world as well as the gods.

If he knew that the actions of a god would affect a region, he would inform the inhabitants of that region, to give them fair warning, balancing the power of the gods over the weakness of the mortals. However, many of the sentient beings took these warnings not as a kindness but as a portent of doom. It is for this reason that Ianadale's aspect as messenger is known as the Harbinger.

Sometimes, however, the mortals are right in their title given to Ianadale. While many times his words are warnings of impending disasters, sometimes it is his words that bring the attention of a particular god to a region. In his his role as keeper of balance, Ianadale recognizes the necessity of disaster and calamity and many of the things mortals, with their short perspectives, see as bad. Ianadale knows that fires keep the forest healthy, just as wolves keep the flock healthy. Whenever Ianadale sees a place that has grown too far out of balance for his light touch to rectify, he will turn to the pantheon and ask them their aid.

Most often Ianadale will turn to the Elementals, Bors and Shyla or Gromm, as their natural forces are most likely to restore the balance necessary. Only in the most dire of times will Ianadale turn to the blight of Phane.

Symbols, Priests and Temples

The symbol of Ianadale's symbol is a single leaf, meant to illustrate how delicate the balance is to maintain.

Ianadale holds variously red, blue, white and yellow to be sacred colors, though a priest will often only wear one of those colors, and never all four.

Priests of Ianadale are rare, as few chose to maintain the path of true balance. However, priests of Ianadale are given great respect in every culture, though many do so out of fear of angering the Harbinger.

Priests of Ianadale are true ascetics, owning only what they can carry with them on their wanderings on Ianadale's missions. However, most, if not all, of what a priest owns was given to him as gifts.


The Ianaden are Rangers of a sort, said to be the best that ever lived, that can transform themselves into beasts. Ianadale rides upon the hunt once a year, and when he goes, the Ianaden accompany him.


Followers of Ianadale may never take more than they need to survive. They may never own more than they can carry.

Followers must strive at all times to maintain the balance. If they know of an imbalance that they have the power to rectify, they are obligated to attempt to rectify it. If they know that an action of theirs will cause an imbalance, they must either seek to rectify it themselves or beseech their god to send someone to rectify it for them.

Followers of Ianadale are to give fair warning to any that they know calamity will befall.

Sacred Animal: elk

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