Ice Queen

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The Ice Queen has been a mortal foe of the Kingdoms since before the coming of Nagul. Ancient records recovered from the Temple of Mishya in Arcada suggest that there has been a figure known as the Ice Queen dominating Ungenland - now called Arnland - since at least 355 PN.

The Ice Queen's origins are unknown. She appears to be a human woman, probably of Jotunnish stock. She is quite tall, with white hair and alabaster skin. (note; during the Troubles she was a pale blonde) She appears youthful, perhaps in her early twenties, though she must be at least five hundred years of age.

In modern times the Ice Queen was defeated during the War of the Crystals in 51 TC. The Ice Queen possessed the Crystal of Ice, and had used it to dominate Ungenland. She had raised the Horde and repeatedly invaded Aruthien. Since there was no Crystal of Power in Aruthien, it is thought she was seeking a route to the Fire Crystal hidden in Tantathia. Both the Ice Queen and the Horde were defeated. The Ice Queen was captured and imprisoned in a magical cell in Perdaith.

For a century, it was thought the Ice Queen was safely contained. From her prison in Barloz she could do no harm, and slowly the wizards of the College of Magic began to unravel a small part of her magical knowledge. Somehow, the Ice Queen managed to contrive a means of escape - most likely through influence over her jailers. In 79 TC, the Ice Queen breached her prison - and vanished.

She did not reappear for nearly a hundred years; when she did return to the Kingdoms, it was for vengeance. She infiltrated Barloz in the guise of Livia of Ganelon. Armed with this disguise she bespelled Sobial, heir to the throne, and managed to install herself as Queen. Barloz endured a wrenching civil war and assault by her Jotunn and Orc minions, and finally an army of heroes was raised to combat the Ice Queen in her lair. Despite the number of Crystals of Power she was found to possess, the Ice Queen was defeated. Eventually she was hunted to her Flying Fortress, and slain there.

It was noted, however, that the corpse of the Ice Queen bore the marks of a 'Clone' spell; though the Ice Queen was slain, somewhere, the Ice Queen yet lives.