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Wild continent in the northern and western hemisphere. Once home to a mighty empire of giants, long since gone.


Vast continent in the northern and eastern hemisphere. Home to the Northern Kingdoms.

New Skos

A rugged subcontinent in the southern and eastern hemisphere. Home to the greatest successor state of ancient Skos.


A temperate continent close to the equator in the southern and western hemisphere, and a battleground of the ancient empires of Sarmatti and Tigraen.

Kingdoms of Eian

The Northern Kingdoms

Young, powerful and dynamic, the Northern Kingdoms of Eian wield power far greater than their modest size would suggest. Over the last two hundred years, they have come to dominate the continent.

Minor Northern States

These smaller states exist independently of the major Northern Kingdoms.

Northern Dwarf Holds

These great Holds host most of the Dwarves of northern Eian.

Realms of the Free Kings

The Realms are the great southern power on Eian. For centuries they opposed Murmanityed, with the support of New Skos.

Tribes of Rothgorod

Wild and dangerous Rothgorod is a home to many savage peoples and races.

Border Kingdoms

These smaller powers struggle to survive the clashes of the great empires.


Necropolis of Zuul

Vale of Orsai

Dragon Kingdoms

These Kingdoms of northeastern Eian stand apart from much of the continent, for the most part absorbed in their own affairs.



Gohan Wasteland


This ancient successor state of Naduum dominated Eian for centuries, until the Empire was shattered by the Northern Kingdoms.


Successor States

These powers attempt to reclaim the power and glory of ancient Murmanityed.

Regions of Eian

The folk of these regions may belong to several Kingdoms, but also may be grouped together as a geographical area.


North New Elysia

South New Elysia


Toth Badlands


Cyclops Bay

Eastern Oshogoth

Eastern Pholon

Eastern Valunoptra

Great Waste


Western Oshogoth

Western Pholon

Western Valunoptra

Vultan's Rift

Kingdoms of Avantarra

Once home to the mighty giants of the Pileusian Empire, Avantarra is still home to many giants and the ruins of their civilizations. Now younger races have established their own Kingdoms and struggle against each other for survival.

Ironhand Range

Realms of northeastern Valea, the Kingdoms of the Ironhand Range struggle to survive in their cold northern land, beset by dangerous realms of Firbolg, Trolls, and Spriggan.

Jadenar States

These powerful states stand opposed to the successor nations of the Pileusian Empire, and seek to conquer their neighbors.

Pileusian Successors

These mighty states resist the depredations of the Jadenar states, seeking to project their realms and lands.

Minor Powers

These smaller states are unaligned with the continents major conflicts.

Ancient States

These states have long since fallen into history.

Kingdoms of Valea

Warm Valea has been torn by countless wars in its long history, as the ancient rivalry of Skos and Naduum carries on, waged by Sarmatti and Tigraen.

Sarmattian States

These states were founded by or are allied to Sarmatti in their eternal war with Tigraen.

Tigraenic Powers

These states were established by or are dominated by Tigraen in their eternal war with Sarmatti.

Independent States

These states stand apart from the great war which rends Valea.

Minor Powers

These powers seek to survive warn-torn Valea.

New Skos

The most powerful successor state of ancient Skos, the subcontinent of New Skos influences the world through its ancient magics and Sea Elven mastery of the waves.

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