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Krag, the Dracoliche

Krag is an ancient and terrible Dracoliche that once dwelled in the depths of the dark city of Murdamiya, capital of the Murmanityedi Empire. He was said to be adviser to the Witch-Queen and Shadow King. What other plots he hatched in the long centuries is not known.

Though he failed to stop the Silent Heroes and Casta's army, Krag escaped destruction by the Silent Heroes. He has been a plague upon the Kingdoms ever since. He is thought to be largely responsibly for the Troubles in Barloz and may have supported the Ice Queen. Krag was finally killed - it is thought - by the actions of another of band of heroes and the destruction of most of Tantathia.

Krag is thought to be striving to break free of Chatalize's Underworld and return to mortal lands. The Ghost Ship Revenant is said to be his instrument.