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Born before the modern kingdoms, Kragadum remembers the rise and fall of countless empires. As with all red dragons, Kragadum was left by his birth-mother when he and his broodmates were still eggs. Kragadum was the first hatched and proceeded to destroy his brethren before they could emerge. His reign of terror, destruction and paranoia continued through the fall of Eriad in 623 PN. Kragdum was nearly 800 years old by this point and he personally lead the assault on the city. Though they tried valiantly, the people of Eriad fell to Kragadum's flames and to the spears of the minions he had bribed and coerced into fighting for him.

Somewhere near 600 PN, Kragadum crossed paths with another red dragon. Shivala had been driven from Newholm by a rival Draconis rider. Bitter and incadescent, Kragadum found himself a powerful ally in Shivala. Together the two of them moved into the Redstone Spur and subjugated or destroyed the inhabitants there and the surrounding areas.

For the last several hundred years, the two have remained in northern Bravenland tightening their borders and dominating their people.

Soon after meeting the two bore their first clutch, of which Sorcheena managed to survive and she now fights along side of her parents.