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God of Time

True Neutral

Domains: Arcane, Divine, Knowledge, Magic, Thought


The strangest of the gods, Kronarr created time, and ensures that it flows in one direction. Kronarr rarely intervenes in mortal or divine affairs, only occasionally exerting his power to keep balance, or advising Kern upon the many possible futures his uncanny eyes can see.

Kronarr sometimes gifts gods and mortals with glimpses of a possible future, though rarely and never without purpose.

Avatar: Thadus, Marshal of Time. Once the possessor of the Time Crystal, Thadus traveled to the Dannenbrock and then to the fortress of Lyn-Tir to become Kronarr's Avatar. He appears as an old wizard with a shock of white hair.

Favored Weapon: Light Mace, Light Crossbow

Tenants: To never alter the past. Kronarr's symbol is the hourglass.

Sacred Animal: giant snapping turtle

Deities of the Kingdoms