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The least trusted and most often worshipped of the elemental gods.

Domains: Exploration, Magic, Oceans, Travel, Water

Favored Weapon: Trident, Glaive

Kylee, Goddess of Sea and Sailors



Mother of Bors by Ulf and Shyla by Vultan. She insists on being depicted as a beautiful woman, often carrying a trident. Inconsistent and changeable, she is the most petulant of the elemental gods.

In the First Age, Kylee was soft and tranquil like a still pond. She was content to simply fill the oceans, rivers and lakes with her bounty. She and her sea giants cruised the glass smooth surfaces of the waters, filling every eddy and depression. When they had finished, Kylee even filled Cheleria’s clouds with rain. She was at peace. But then she began to fall in love with Vultan. His fiery passion and quick thinking ignited her desire and she began pursuing him. Constantly he ignored her, seemingly losing everything about him that she loved the moment she was in his presence. Nevertheless she pursued him, even as he sought after Cheleria. All the while, Ulf strove to win her affections - which only annoyed her.

As the age progressed, Kylee’s calm faded and became more and more volatile. It was she that is said to have awoke Uhel’s ire as she pleaded to him to give her Vultan. It was she, as a result, that caused the Nine to come into being. It was she who caused their dominion of Galhadria to be parceled out. She resents this even to this day.

Even before Shalokar tricked Phane and Marya to lay together and Gahl-tath-Urok was born, Kylee had become angry and quarrelsome, often whirling into a rage with no apparent provocation. Her seas became fraught with danger and few who didn’t seek her blessing could survive crossing them. Things became even worse when she was cursed by Athor for her failed attempt to help Gahl-tath-Urok usurp his mother’s throne. When he became the Abomination, she sealed away her shame deep within her realm and forever hid her own face from the world. The seas roil and churn whenever she is near, and none can withstand her wrath. It is said that the storm that holds Gahl-tath-Urok was made from the eye Halgar plucked from Kylee's face.

After Cheleria taught the mortal races air magic, Kylee refused to teach anyone the magic of water - refusing to have her element controlled. She cared not for mortal life, the children of Marya, and she cared less to give her secrets to them. She already had so much of her power stolen by the Nine, she felt. Kylee was tricked into revealing the secrets of water magic by Shalokar - disguised as her unfallen lover, Zherok. He convinced her that he needed to know her ways to escape his prison and to attempt once again to take his rightful place as god of creation. Overwhelmed to see her beloved again, restored to his full self, she taught him her magic. Shalokar then revealed himself with a hearty laugh as he skipped off to teach his unSeelie court his new trick. Furious, Kylee taught the rest of the mortal races herself. Then, to spite the Deceiver, she taught mortals the secret of forging cold iron, the anathema of the fey. Unlike Vultan’s iron, cold iron is forged at very low temperatures and is quenched with sea water.

Kylee is one of the most worshiped of the Elementals, as she will seek out those who neglect to sacrifice to her before a sea journey and shipwreck them. She requires costly sacrifices of burnt spices or libations of exotic waters. Even to those who do seek her blessing and offer the proper rituals to stay her hand, Kylee will sometimes simply whip up a storm simply to drown a few more of Marya’s children. Her oceans are unforgiving and much of her realm remains hidden even to the most intrepid explorers.

Symbols, Priests and Temples

Kylee's symbol is a fish. Her colors are green, blue and black.

Priests of Kylee typically wear long gowns, both male and female, that drag the floor. They also wear their hair long. Both are to symbolize the depth of the ocean and the flow of her waters. The head priest of each temple also carries a cold iron trident. An especially affluent temple will enhance this trident to deal cold damage.

There are no lay-priests of Kylee, as all must be able to cast some sort of water magic spell to be allowed to wear the holy symbols. Similarly, there are no fey priests of Kylee, as all fey are forbidden from worshipping the sea goddess.

Temples to Kylee always depict the goddess as the epitome of beauty. This often means updating or changing the icons and statues in the temple to fit with the current aesthetics.

Temples are usually very dark, like the ocean depths, or fantastically well lit, like the lagoons and reefs. Always these temples will contain large baths of water from sacred pools or springs and many have constantly flowing fountains. The most extravagant temples will have indoor waterfalls or be entirely submerged in water.


Vynette is a huge sea giantess, who wields her trident for Kylee. She can whip the waves to froth with her hand, and it is her constant restlessness which keeps the waves moving.


Followers of Kylee must always give an offering before crossing water.

Followers must pray at least once a week near moving water. Priests must prepare spells in the presence of water, preferably salt water.

Whenever able, followers of Kylee may not associate with followers of Shalokar, Marya or any sort of fey.

Priests of Kylee may eat only food which comes from the water.

Sacred Animal: shark

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