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The Tyranny of Tigraen deployed thousands of savage Orc warriors in their endless wars against Sarmatti.

In 08 PN, a Army of Tigraen was shattered by Seleucis in a frontier skirmish. The survivors and their camp followers retreated back towards Tigraen - but all the high ranking officers and summoners had been killed. Left without leadership, the Orc tribes which made up the army began to follow their own leaders.

One band, led by Morroc, settled in the mountains southwest of Chibashu. His Orcs were gray-skinned and yellow eyed, tough as the granite cliffs they claimed as their own. Morroc's tribes practice ritual scarification and live in cliff dwellings sheltered by the harsh mountains. Less than half the females of the camp settled with Morroc, meaning mates were few and fought over. Grey warbands are formed of male orcs, and not allowed to take mates until they have killed in battle. Then they join the red warbands, and gain more wealth and prestige.

The Morroc Orcs are fierce and bitter. The follow Phane, seeking death for their foes, and through death, opening the path for new life - Orc life. Morroc orcs are few, so fight with stealth and savage cunning.

Morroc has poor relations with all of their neighbors except Chibashu. They are in a near constant state of low-level war with Gurtz. The scarcity of orc females has caused Morroc's orcs to be generally combative, as every orc seeks to loot further wealth, or see his rivals fall in battle, or abduct females from other orc tribes. Though their numbers are slowly swelled by other greyskinned orcs who flee Tigraen, the orcs of Morroc are sullen and resentful raiders to most outsiders.

In Chibashu, they can trade with the Tengu for goods they cannot get in Morroc. Moreover, Orcs from Tigraen can often flee to Chibashu, and then seek a new homeland for themselves. Some go to Morroc voluntarily, and others are bought from slave pens or abducted.


Morroc has a generally stable government. The greatest Orc warlord rules the tribes with an iron fist, his power backed by a shadowy cabal of witch doctors and death-masked priests of Phane.