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Once a province of the Tyranny of Tigraen, Nasvargr was abandoned in 9 PN when the warbands of Lycanthropic shock troops based here rebelled against the Tyrant. The Lycanthropes used Lake Bronamang and the mountainous nature of Nasvargr's terrain to easily defeat the expedition the Tyrant sent to bring his former minions back into line. Since that time, Tigraen has made no overt move to bring the Lycanthrope tribes of Nasvargr back under their control.

Four great tribes of Lycanthropes gathered in Nasvargr over the next several decades. The Werewolves were by far the most numerous, though the Werebears and Wereboars were close rivals in the early days. The Wererats were tolerated by the Lycanthropic fellows, but few paid much attention to them.

Shatall, the Alpha of the Werewolves, declared himself Prime Alpha of all Nasvargr. Mighty Ulmun of the Werebears opposed him, and though there was nearly violence between the factions; Ulmun cleverly brought the Wereboars and even the Wererats in on his side. Unwilling to start a civil war they would probably lose, Shatall backed down.

Ulmun called a council of the Alphas of all the tribes. This council provided fair if harsh leadership to all the Lycanthropic peoples of Nasvargr until the death of Ulmun in 111 TC.

After the death of Ulmun, successive Werewolf Alphas have slowly increased their power as the Werewolves increase in number. Eventually, one of their Alphas will declare himself Prime Alpha again.


The Werewolves are nomads, living in wandering packs which travel across all parts of Nasvargr, and often raid into surrounding lands, creating more Lycanthropes to swell their ranks. They are often the most concentrated in the north.

The Werebears live in sprawling rural communities scattered across central Nasvargr; often with no family living closer than a mile to another. They prefer the great river valleys, where regular salmon runs provide more than enough food for their numbers.

The Wereboars dwell in more tightly-knit large families, preferred to dwell in denser forests and rugged valleys of the west. They dislike visitors and are often hostile even to other Lycanthropes.

The Wererats live in shanty-towns of huts packing in atop one another, often in caves or on land none of the other Lycanthrope tribes want. Many of their shantytowns are in the east and south.



Nasvargr is ruled by a Council of Tribes, attended by the most powerful Alphas of the Lycanthropic tribes. The Werewolves are ruled by a single Master Alpha wolf; often chosen through combat and bloodshed. As he leads the most powerful faction in Nasvargr, he is the de-facto ruler of the country. The Werebear and Wereboar Alphas are often chosen for sheer strength and wisdom. The Wererat Alphas achieve power by sheer cunning. All Alphas have a place in the Council, though the Werewolves constantly demand more space for themselves, as their population has grown faster than any of the others.

The Council meets four times a year to address to keep the peace between the tribes and address grievances. Any Alpha has the right to speak in council, but such is their power that the Werewolf Master Alpha ignores any but the most vocal demands by clear majorities.


Forced to serve as Tigraenean shock troops for eons, the Lycanthropes of Nasvargr brought a great deal of military training to the formation of their own state. After winning their freedom, the four tribes reverted to their own natures, abandoning much of their military regimentation - but not the weapons or training that came with it.

Every tribe maintains bands of warriors who can be called upon by the Alphas to hunt down and destroy threats. The Council itself has no military force other than those warriors loyal to the individual Alphas.