New Elysia

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Settlements of New Elysia

The gigantic old forest of New Elysia is claimed by those Elves evacuated from Elysia (west of Ehrenland) in 78 TC. Their population is small but growing quickly (for Elves) having begun with 100,000 Elves in 76 and having increased by 40% in the last century. For all their numbers, the forest is sparsely inhabited and mostly the domain of wild things. The Elves are ruled by the Queen Elhanna (sister to Aiur, who fought with the Kingdoms against Nagul, who aided the Archmages in aquiring the Nature Crystal, and who finally evacuated her people to a new land) and her consort, Prince Calan. Elhanna and Calan have one child, the Princess Arianna. During a state visit by the delegation from Aligindel, Arianna fell madly in love with Prince Aruthien II, and the two wished to marry. Her father, the prince consort, wished to forbid the marriage, since the Aruthien was an outsider with a human grandfather. Many of her people were displeased by the match, but the Queen pointed out that Aruthien I had fought with Aiur against Nagul, and that Aruthien's daughter, Queen Casta, had helped the Kingdoms move the Elysian Elves to their new land. In the Queen's words, it seemed only fair that the brightest jewel of New Elysia be gifted to the Aruthiens for all their help and loyalty over the years. So, in 175 TC, the couple were married in Aligindel.

New Elysian Elves

Elysian Elves are deeply split into two factions, The first, led by the Queen Elhanna, favor a return to their ancient High Elven roots. The second, led by an elderly Cleric of Ianadale called Varandon, favor harmony with the forest, and wish the Elysian Elves to be more Wood Elven - or even Wild Elven - in their lifestyle. A slim majority support the Queen. She has been greatly aided by her contacts with the High and Grey Elves of Aligindel. They have not only illustrated to her people the advantages of higher civilization, but they have shown a clear example of how to live alongside humans and other races. Those who favor the High Elven lifestyle are congregated in Karce Ledain, the capital of New Elysia. Growing among the great trees in the heart of the forest, New Elysia is a beautiful blending of the High and Wood Elven styles, blending with the forest while at the same time supporting a high shining wall and tall towers so commonly associated with Elves. Those Elves who live away from the city commonly are of the Varandon faction, and prefer a rustic life in harmony with the forest, and often are subjects of the Queen in name only. T

New Elysia is also home to the most powerful Druid in the Kingdoms, Clarandyn