New Skosian Culture

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Heir of ancient Skos, New Skos carries on what was nearly lost when Skos was destroyed.

The Monarch of Skos is a direct descendant of the martyred Emerald Queen; who gave her life trapping Naduum, and granted her people the time the silver ships needed to escape their doomed homeland. The Monarchs have all been Elves, and mightily long-lived ones.

The Monarch is served by Skosian Rangers, scouts and hunters imbued with powerful magics by the Archmages of Skos. They still carry phoenix-hilted swords which spit lightning and blaze with fire, just as their Skosian ancestors did.

New Skos is home to the greatest concentration of wizards in the known world. The study of magic here is a high art form, with mighty spells and ancient texts closely guarded, since much of the powerful magics of the ancient world have been lost since the fall of Skos.