Part VII: The Seafarers

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Part VII: The Seafarers.

175-177 TC

The Voyage of the Seafarers

The Greatship Alyndia, a fine Realms-built deep sea vessel, was purchased by Prince Phillipi Galili in the year 175. Well over two hundred feet in length, she was not he largest of the Realms Greatships, but she was quite fast and comfortable. The Prince of Aligindel had intended the vessel to serve as the Imperial yacht. The ship was delivered to Misten City, the Sea Elven trading port, and there was awaiting a pilot to take her through the dangerous Misten Islands and up the coast to Ialadel.

Before the ship could be moved, Phillipi’s wife, the Casta bel-Aruthien Galili, Queen of Aruthien, requested of her husband that the ship be made available to agents she would send abroad to search for her missing adopted sister, Princess Sia bel-Aruthien. Phillipi of course agreed and so the Alyndia (she was not called so yet, as she was not named until the Seafarers came aboard) waited in Misten for a crew and those chosen agents who were to seek the Princess. Of all the Seafarers, only Cas bel-Taren was tasked specifically with the rescue of Princess Sia. Talabrilden Valariel, the Elven Guardian sent from Aligindel, was sent to seek an Aligindelite mapmaker, Caidal Peyton, who had joined the expedition; the last surviving relative of a family Trenton the Butcher had murdered. Aidan ra Tranoc, the Spaarthan Magistrate, was sent in his official capacity to apprehend or slay the villain Trenton, who was wanted for more Kingdom crimes than it is convenient to list. Rhenic, the Cleric of Kylee, was sent by the will of his goddess. Kylee desired vengeance on those who would desecrate her temples (Trenton and his allies had attacked the great Temple of Kylee off Sabatia). Rodrigo of Barloz, head of the order of Seekers, was sent by his King to hunt down those practitioners of necromantic magic who were allied with Trenton. Jaegher, an uncanny rogue and sorcerer, came as an agent of the Sea-King of Misten. The indomitable Paneg, of course, came along as Cas bel-Taren’s batman.

They were joined by a picked crew made up of the best sailors the Kingdoms had to offer. The ship herself was commanded by Captain Harley, a former pirate, and by a strong-willed first mate Carmen, a Hospitalier sworn to look after the Queen’s interest during the long voyage. In early 176, the newly-named and crewed Alyndia set sail. They had little enough information to follow – there had been some magical messages sent by Sia’s ship over the years, but they would be following a faint trail indeed. The journeys of the Alyndia and her crew were long and arduous. Many bard’s songs and fireside tales have been told of the battle at the sinking temple of Kylee, the destruction of Trenton’s first Black Ship, the great floating revel-ship of Dra, Kraken Isle and it’s infestation of pirates, undead Krakens, Black Marsh the island of poison-toothed lizardmen, vampire lords, ancient libraries in Eregant, magical ley lines, desecrated temples, ruined Sea-Elven cities, and ferocious sea-fights.

The Seafarers won through all these trials and more, finally discovering the wreck of the Wisdom. With this new lead, the companions were finally able to discover Sia’s location. Sia’s rescue involved infiltrating a dark and strange city on a far continent – a dire place called Girden Pass.. There the Seafarers delved deep into mines and dank dungeons, finally cutting their way to Sia’s cell. Though the Aruthien Princess had been rescued - and indeed soon she was reunited with her daughter, Rhea.

The Heroes then headed to their ship, and began to set sail for the Kingdoms. Escape would not be easy – a new enemy had entered the fray. All through the voyage, the Seafarers had been recovering a series of magical crystals ensconced in various temples of Kylee – thus the reason for Trenton’s attacks. These crystals apparently opened an icy tomb far to the north, which no less than the Shadow King of Murmanityed was aiming to open. Apparently, the Shadow King had at his command – if only he could gather the last crystals – the power to raise ancient Naduum from its flooded grave. There was a last sea-battle – Aidan was finally able to fulfill his oath and slay Trenton on the deck of the Alyndia. During the fighting, the Shadow King’s ship entered the fray, and the crystals themselves were stolen. The heroes managed to follow the Shadow King’s teleportation, and were able to intercept him before he was able to open the ancient and dreaded tomb buried under the ice. The heroes opened the tomb themselves and defeated it’s guardian demon, and then locked the tomb forever, with Rhenic scattering the crystals to even more secret and well guarded locations.

The heroes and their ship returned to the Kingdoms victorious, and weighted down with treasure. Cas and Sia married, and Cas was granted the Duchy of the Cassian March as his fief and Sia’s dowry. Aidan wed Viviane of Lyoness, the last daughter of that house and a powerful Sea Elven enchantress. Talabrilden found himself – upon his return – pursued by Kynette bel-Navalus, whom he had met before the voyage began in Aligindel. They eventually married and set off beyond the Pale, having even more dangerous and secretive adventures. Rhenic became a great Archon of Kylee, and legend has it that he left the Kingdoms on a quest to recover the Water Crystal from Gahl-tath-Urok. Rodrigo returned to find the Seekers destroyed and began to rebuild his order. Jaegher, always mysterious, established a great tower southeast of Ehrenland. Though the heroes and great ship had returned, successful, things had changed in the Kingdoms since their departure.

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