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The History of Perdaith

Capital of the Kingdom of Barloz and the most populous city in the Kingdoms. The exact date of Perdaith's founding is not known, but the city was old long before Nagul came north and conquered Barloz. The city has always been a center of the arcane arts.

Nagul conquered the city in 7 TC, and slaughtered or enslaved two thirds of its inhabitants. Much of the city was looted or razed, but Nagul left the great walls standing, and though the College of Magic was gutted, it survived. The catacombs beneath the city confounded the Bronze Elven Warlord, and Nagul left emptyhanded.

After the dark forces of Murmanityed were driven out of Barloz, the city began the long task of rebuilding. King Alhandro Tasmane ruled wisely and fairly, and for sixty years, Perdaith prospered like no city in the Kingdoms. In the middle of the five powers which rose up against Nagul, nearly all the north-to-south trade of the Kingdoms passed through Perdaith. This trade brought wealth, and wealth drew people from all the Kingdoms. Perdaith was rebuilt. The College of Magic, under Alhandro's patronage, became the single best school of magic for a thousand miles in any direction.

In 76 TC, Barloz joined the crusader against Murmanityed. King Alhandro fell on the battlefield, and his son-and-heir the Silent Hero Greco assumed the throne. He was the most popular King in the History of Barloz, surpassing even his beloved father in the hearts of the people. Greco ruled for a full century, passing away in 176 TC, his life extended by his devotion to Chatalize and the labors of the priests of wizards of a grateful Kingdom. If Perdaith had prospered under his father's rule, under King Greco the city had its golden age. Trade flowed across the wide trade roads and up and down the mighty river Castalia. Perdaith grew rich. The College of Magic delved into the catacombs, discovering more and more lost lore.

With Greco's death in 176, the city entered the Troubles. The brutal civil war between Sobial and Kraye tore the city apart. Worse, the Ice Queen's Jotunn army besieged the city and broke through every ring, threatening even the Royal Palace in the city's heights. Only the valor of a few heroes and loyal noblemen stopped the enemy from completely sacking the greatest city in the Kingdoms for a second time.

After the troubles, life in Perdaith was strained. The City Guard and City Watch fought each other. Criminal gangs walked openly in the streets. Dangerous creatures escaped the catacombs and slaughtered citizens. Perdaith had gone from a golden city to a dark place, full of fear. Kraye, a weak King, was assassinated without an heir. An Ogrish plot tried to usurp the throne. Only quick and legally questionable action by a cabal of Barlozians saved the Throne by installing Queen Saerilaith.

Under her rule, the decline of Perdaith slowed. Though all was not well, the Salamanders patrolled the streets. Crime, while not eliminated, slunk back to the shadows. The old corrupt Leopard Guard and ossified council of the College of Magic were dissolved. Reforms were instituted. Improvements were made. An influx of Tir Collegian refugees provided a much-needed dose of capital and settlers. The Duchess of Perdaith, Yvonne, was installed, removing the city as a direct province of the monarch. Better laws were written - and enforced.

Perdaith in 180 is not the city it once was. Crowded, sometimes hungry, often plagued with crime, it is a dangerous place, but still and exciting and vibrant center of commerce and travel where the brave can make a fortune. The College of Magic has been revitalized under the leadership of the Archmage Caig. The new nobility have invested in the city, making old buildings into profitable new businesses - like the Two Stallions Inn. Finally, the Queen has founded a small University for the education of Barloz' people. Perdaith is not the golden city of a decade ago, but the decline has been arrested.


Perdaith is a tall fortress-city built in seven rings, each ring higher than the last. The gates to these rings are arranged in non-standard locations to confused and confound any attacker. Perdaith's densely built streets and high walls are some of the heaviest city defenses in the Kingdoms.

The city is protected by the competing City Watch and City Guard, as well as the Free Company of the Salamanders and the Queensguard.


Aligindel District

Arena District

Aruthien District

Common District


Flen Quarter

Merchant Ring The third ring of the city.

Noble Ring The fifth ring of the city.

Peddler's Bridge

Poor Quarter

Royal Ring The seventh ring of the city.

Temple Ring The sixth ring of the city.

Trader's Ring The second ring of the city.

University Ring The fourth ring of the city.

Warehouse Quarter

Sights of the City

The Jotunn invasion blasted a large crater near the Flen Quarter. That site has now been filled in as a reflecting pool, and a monolith raised with the names of the fallen upon it.

The Two Stallions Inn is a must-see location when in Perdaith.

The Royal Arena is just across Peddler's Bridge; here great sporting events and magical combats are engaged in front of ten thousand spectators.