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Grey Elven Emperor of Aligindel, born 27 TC. Son of Empress Brynnia, husband to Casta of Aruthien, father to Brynnia, Aruthien II, Lysa, and Philip.


Phillipi ascended to the throne after Brynnia's abdication after Avaril's death during the events of the Unity Blade. He was a popular leader and reigned until October 196 when the palace was ransacked by the Redstone Spur. Phillipi was kidnapped by the dragon Sorcheena and delivered to Goron Ru in exchange for his expertise in turning her into a Dracoliche. Phillipi's physical remains were used by Goron Ru to power the Astrolabe, and his soul was trapped in the Veil Crystal.

Philipi was succeeded by Aruthien II to the throne of Aligindel until his death in May 197.