Queen's Landing

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Queens Landing.gif
Caig's Gate, with Caig and Kala in foreground

The Barony of Queen's Landing was established in 155 TC, when an expeditionary force of Lightning Border Horse Dragoons and other Free Companies landed on the upper Bravenland coast in pursuit of Jarl raiders. The town began as a simple wooden fort hunched on the top of The Rock.

The town expanded rapidly as the King's Dethgar Legion and later other Aruthien armies passed through on their way to do battle with the Jarls. Soon The Rock was a stout square keep, and a small town was sprouting on the sheltered ground below. As the war with the Jarls died down, however, it was feared that Queen's Landing would die with it. The discovery of raw sapphires in the mountains northwest of the town dispelled any worries about the future of the town. Queen's Landing went from military camp to gem-cutting boomtown overnight.

Queen's Landing has the largest Flen population of any Aruthienic city outside of the Mirkenwood (though Tir Athway may soon surpass it), with fully one-quarter of the city built on the scale of the little folk. The Flen Quarter hosts such famous structures as the Bramblewood Theatre and the Dead Spider Tavern.

The western gate of the town was granted the necromancer Caig as a reward for his service in the Jarl war. Caigsgate, as it is called, houses not only the necromancer and his family, but a small temple to Chatalize, and access to the small but growing Queen's Landing catacombs.

The center of town is graced by a small park which has come to be graced by many small shrines to various gods. Queen's Landing is poorly equipped with temples and priests, though as the town grows that may change.

The docks of Queen's Landing are on the riverfront, serving many small local craft and larger seagoing trade galleys. The docks also host the main entrance to the Undertown, that part of Queen's Landing built into the bedrock, which hosts much of the town's Dwarven population. Much of the gemcutting and metalsmithing in Queen's Landing is performed in the secure stone halls of the Undertown.

Lastly, Queen's Landing and the Rock host the legendary Hammer of Vultan and Anvil of Ulf, two potent magical artifacts used in the creation of enchanted weaponry.

By 190, the town was a significant trading port to the western parts of Aruthien. After the war with the Redstone Spur, the town was attached to the Duchy of Toth.