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Ranger of Aruthien and Great Hero.

Born in 179 to Cas bel-Taren and Sia bel-Aruthien, in the Cassian March, Aruthien, in the city of Tir Castellan.


Rath is a Half-Elf of average height and sturdy build. He wears his auburn hair long, and has clear blue-grey eyes.

Rath often rides his War Griffon, Valkyr.


Rath is practical and pragmatic, with a streak of stubborn idealism. He is quite loyal to his friends and cohorts, but rigidly intolerant of evil practices. That said, Rath's inherent practicality prevents him from being too much of an idealist, and his pragmatism often looks ruthless to outsiders.

Notable possessions

Rath inherited Cas's Greatsword, Ice. Early in his career, Rath usually wore an Aruthien Green Ranger's cloak over his grey chain armor - always with his King's Ranger badge displayed. Later, as he grew in power, Rath aquired a gleaming mithril Breastplate, a magical item which helped amplify his leadership on the battlefield.


Rath was raised by his father Cas and mother Sia, in the Cassian March city of Tir Castellan. He has an older half sister, Rhea, and seven other siblings - Cassia, Tala, Phelan, Avarel, Sia Lighteyes, Red Kynette, and Aiden.

His mother wished him to become a Paladin of Mishya. His father intended for Rath to become a mercenary Captain. Too much of a loner to follow either path, Rath spent a lot of time wandering away from home, and realized by his tenth birthday that he would prefer to become a King's Ranger, like his 'uncle' Arn had once been.

Rath formally began his training in 190 TC, becoming a full King's Ranger by 194. Upon his gaining of the coveted Badge of the King's Rangers, his father presented him with the Greatsword Ice.

Soon after becoming a Ranger, Rath traveled to Aruthien to serve the King. During his travels, he became friends with the young people who would grow to become the Great Heroes. Joining their adventures, Rath traveled across the Kingdoms, fighting Manath, Kami, and especially Redstone Spur.

Due to the war and the loss of Tir Castellan to the forces of the Redstone Spur, Rath began to learn all he could about the slaying of Dragons. Frustrated by his inability to come to grips with such foes from the ground, Rath became interested in riding giant flying beasts, and began to train War Griffons.

His interest caught the attention of his cousin, King Aruthien II, who was also seeking a solution to the dragon problem. The King supported Rath, giving him the mandate to establish a castle and training grounds at Fort Resolute, named for the lost King of Caliban. There Rath trained War Griffons between adventures, and met his wife to be, Evangeline.

They married during the war, Evangeline often staying at Fort Resolute with the other Rangers, training War Griffons during Rath's long absences.

Rath rose quickly through the ranks as the war dragged on. A cousin to the King and son of a Duke, he had been trained to lead men since his youth, and a company of Rangers naturally formed around him. Rath was a Knight-Leftenant by the time he was sixteen, Knight-Captain by seventeen, and made the youngest Aruthien General at eighteen. Rath commanded the defense of Tir Phelise, and commanded the King's Dethgar Legion in the battles north of Aligindel. Rath led the raid on Morag which captured many powerful war-beasts, which Rath and Evangeline retrained and later sent into battle against the foes of the Kingdoms.

During the northern campaign against the Redstone Spur, Rath and Alder led the armies of Aruthien and Aligindel in a series of victories which drove the Redstone dragons from the sky and shattered their ground armies. Soon the northern armies besieged the Spur itself, and the surviving dragons were forced to flee to the isle of Wistan. Aligindel and Aruthien captured the immense hoards of the four Dragons - a tremendous fortune.

The northern war decisively ended, General Rath came south at the head of the Aruthien Legions, entering the war against Manath once again. Rath inspired the Aruthien army like no leader since Queen Casta; he and his Rangers always at the head of the army, swooping in to drive off or slay whatever supernatural foe sought to strike down the King's soldiers. Rath's leadership kept the Aruthien armies always on the offensive, and his powerful strike force of Rangers on flying mounts struck down the worst of Manath's minions. Combined with the armies of the other Kingdoms, Rath's Aruthiens helped destroy Manath's armies and defeat Manath himself.

After the war, the King named Rath Duke of [[Toth Badlands|Toth}}. Rath spent much of his time in the west of Aruthien, helping the Kingdom establish control on newly acquired lands and reinforcing the depleted northern garrisons.

In the year 200, Rath was given command of the Aruthien expedition to Avantarra, and charged with establishing an Aruthien settlement there. Rath landed with his Legions and established Palathien Colony.


Rath adventured with the Grand Heroes, Alder, Athelas, Braden, Brenin, Mauril, Edelbrock, Holly, and Miach.

In 196 Rath married Evangeline, a Druidess and fellow animal trainer.

He often is seen riding his Griffon, Valkyr.