Redstone Spur

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Redstone Spur is the lair of two ancient Red Dragons. Their dominion of the area is absolute - a region of blasted earth known as the Scar shows the cost of angering them. The Scar was once a fortress-city of the Empire of Eriad before the Dragons destroyed it utterly.

The ruling Dragons of the Spur - Kragadum and Shivala - are gigantic, old, and evil. They have not reached such a great age without some paranoia; and they have no problem employing a vast number of minions.

Groldern and Sorcheena are the lesser Dragons of the Spur - no less evil, merely younger.

The Redstone Spur has one of the highest concentrations of true dragons anywhere in the kingdoms. This is because of the massive hordes that Kragadum and Shivala have been able to amass over the last 16 centuries. Wealth seems to act as something of a sedative to the dragons and the hordes here are large enough for multiple dragons to live and work together hospitably.