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Imperial Schwarn was established in 248 PN by the Diviner Schwar, who audaciously set up his stronghold between the Wight Lords of Umjaden and the Pirates of Corsairia. Schwar was once a powerful Diviner in the Kingdom of Sarmatti. He discovered the massive conflict the Wight Lords waged against all Avantarra, and watched from afar for many years. After Chatalize cursed the Wight Lords, Schwar decided that the true calling of the light gods was upon Avantarra - the Wight Lords of Umjaden must be opposed. Aided by his friend and ally Lugal, priest of Chatalize, Schwar asked for volunteers to colonize Avantarra. Few came. For five years, Schwar travelled Valea, taking any who would follow him, and finally leading his people to their new homeland in 249 PN. Travelling on the ships of Crythentarc, the colonists passed the dangerous islands of Corsairia and landed on the uninhabited coast near Umjaden. Here Lugal crowned Schwar Emperor and Defender of the Light.

This land had once belonged to Astar, but that Kingdom had been devastated by Corsairia and Umjaden over many years. The fertile valleys and snow-capped peaks were empty of people, and indeed of nearly all life. Schwar's colonists settled there, building a new city atop the ruins of an ancient Pileusian outpost.

The powers of Avantarra were still reeling from the battle with the Wight Lords. For a hundred years, the folk of Schwar lived in peace; building more cities down the coast, raising new temples - and welcoming refugees from any far land who wished to dwell in their Kingdom.

Schwarn is a deeply religious nation, with temples in every city and dotting the countryside. Priests are very, very common in Schwarn, as are Wizards - all specialized and dedicated to the opposition of evil in Avantarra. The folk here look to the gods and magic to deliver them from the evils which surround them, and aid them in liberation those still oppressed by evil.

Schwarn trades with Gaer, Corsairia, Maerx, and Holdfast, though there is tension between Schwarn and Corsairia over passage through Corsairian waters. Scwarian ships are aided by powerful diviners - students of Schwar himself - which allow them to evade many Corsairian pirates.

The three great cities of Schwarn are all coastal - Zeun, Nanak Dev, and Emanus. All are centers of scholarship, learning, and trade, with many strange magical artifacts forged here for export to far lands. Zeun is Schwar's capital and center of wizardry, while Nanak Dev is the city of temples; where a temple stands to every one of the gods. Here the great temple of Chatalize rises above the city, and the Tower of Geth stands so high, it is said the High Priest of Chatalize can gaze into the heart of Umjaden. Emanus is the trade city, a fine port near the Corsairian border. Ships come and go here at all hours and from all nations.

Nearly every civilized race dwells in Schwarn, along with beings not often seen walking the streets of mortal cities.

Schwarn has a small army, mainly for defense of the border, and a modest navy of fast frigates. The true might of Schwarn comes from the sheer number of arcane and divine casters serving Emperor Schwar.