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Goddess of Nature

Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Feather, Fur, Liberation, Plant, Protean, Travel, Weather


Seiba understands that nature is both life and death, that all things must be born, live, and die, and that life feeds upon life. In this chaos life struggles and survives and dies, and Seiba is content with it. Seiba rarely agrees with Halgar and Kronarr, but can sometimes he induced to exert herself to maintain balance - though Seiba often maintains that balance will maintain itself.

Avatar: Shimogel, often called the first Druid, is the oldest known disciple of that race. Seiba keeps him as her avatar. Shimogel is a bent man in brown robes, who bears a thornwood staff and speaks with animals the way humans speak to each other. Shimogel wanders the earth, never sleeping upon the same ground twice.

Favored Weapon: Spear, Javelin.

Tenants: Followers of Seiba respect nature will resist the changing of what the goddess has created. They believe in balance between opposing furies, and will strive to preserve this balance above all else. Seiba's symbol is the aspen leaf.

Sacred Animal: antelope

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