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Homeland of the warlike Senn Elves, Sennan was initially settled by silver ships from Skos. Swiftly conquered by Tigraen, Sennan's Elves were slowly brought around to the worship of war for war's sake. They follow a dark aspect of Gromm, who they see as an Elven war god. Combat is what the long-lived Elves of Sennan relish, believing their Elven vitues make them the greatest warriors on the continent. Rangers, scouts, and archers, the Elves of Senn prefer to fight at a distance.

Often dominated by Tigraen, but occasionally liberated by Sarmatti, Sennan broke free of both nations in 830 PN, and has remained nominally independent ever since. For all its natural beauty, Sennan is a poor country, and the Elves must hire themselves to others as mercenaries to bring back coin. This makes them a natural fit with the rest of the Usurper Kingdoms.

The mountains of the west give way to rocky foothills and tall trees in the center of the county, which eases to thick forest towards the northeastern boundary.