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Shivala hatched from her egg back in the days when Newholm was still attached firmly to the earth. She was raised to be the red dragon mount of a Draconis warrior. She served Newholm faithfully for nearly 600 years. She bore many men in countless battles until one rider went too far. In the year, 654 PN Shivala was given to a new Draconis, Barbus, who treated her not as a companion or ally, but as a tool to be exploited and used as if she were merely a sword. Shivala rose up against his tyranny and struck him down. For her crime, she was expelled from the order and from Newholm.

She wandered the wastelands for decades before meeting Kragadum, fresh from his destruction of Eriad. The decades had hardened Shivala and her hatred of elves and humans had grown. His destruction of the bastion of human and elf kind brought them together. She saw him as an ally in her quest for vengeance and he saw her as a powerful partner, enabling him to wreak more destruction than before.

The two settled in the Redstone Spur and subjugated or destroyed any peoples living there. From Kragadum, Shivala gained a daughter Sorcheena.