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Powerfully built cat-folk from a distant continent who invaded the Kingdoms at the behest of the Pirate-King Trace Redmaw. The Shivan were nearly wiped out at Battle of Wellfore; the survivors dispersed into the wild areas of the Kingdoms. A significant population remains on Cathan dispersed around Port Noir.

Shivan Culture

Shivan culture is divided into race-based castes, though significant interbreeding between castes is common. (Many 'mixed breed' Shivan are classified as Leopards or Cougars). Class mobility is impossible.

Shivan are honorable warriors. They respect strength, bravery, and cunning. Hunting prowess is admired. Shivan rarely hate their foes and prey; they are simply hunter and hunted.

The Shivan are nominally ruled by the Lion caste, though even the might Lions answer to the shadowy Rakshasa; evil spirits who guide the Shivan in their wordly affairs.

Some Shivan tribes have fallen under the sway of the Tiger Oni, who use the Shivan respect for Rakshasa to manipulate them to their own ends.

A few of the defeated tribes who have gone to ground in Spaartha and Ehrenland have rejected all Oni and Rakshasa leadership, preferring to follow their own Lion warlords.

Shivan Homeland

The Shivan come from the continent of Avantarra. Their dominion there is massive, and is called the Shivan Pridelands. The Shivan have few permanent settlements and are often on the move.

The Pridelands are ruled by a shadowy cabal of Rakshasa, their leader called Revene; said to have ten heads.

Shivan Military

The Shivan are an entirely military culture. Every Shivan is born into a Pride of his own caste and gender; this pride works and fights together for their entire lives. Only Shivan who have killed dangerous prey or a foe in battle may take a mate; a Shivan's success in battle determines the caste of his mate. Shivan have no concept of marriage and a strong Shivan male might have several mates.

Shivan Religion

The Shivan are predators. As such they respect strength. Most Shivan worship Gromm or Akarai; thought Brandt and Ulf are also popular. Some Shivan have become lost in the red haze of battle, and follow Gathal, while others live only for the hunt, and prefer Kern.

Shivan Castes

Lion Shivan - The largest and strongest Shivan, usually their battle leaders and rulers. Lion Shivan are too heavy to make good climbers, but have massive claws and strong jaws, making them more deadly hunters. They relish melee combat, armed or unarmed.

Tiger Shivan - Tiger Shivan are nearly equal to Lion Shivan in size and power, though the are more flexible and individualistic. Tiger Shivan are capable of deadly pounce attacks.

Leopard Shivan - The most common Shivan, often thought of as 'mixed breed' Shivan. Leopard Shivan fill the ranks of Shivan armies, and perform much of the non-slave labor.

Panther Shivan - Black as night and silent, Panther Shivan make excellent scouts.

Cheetah Shivan - Extremely quick, though lighter of build than the other Shivan. They are fast and implacable hunters.

Puma/Cougar Shivan - Close relatives to the Leopard Shivan; the Cougars are the diplomats and tale-tellers; what arcane casters exist among the Shivan usually come from them.

Jaguar Shivan - The religious caste of the Shivan, mostly Clerics of the gods of Strength, with a smattering of Druids in the rural tribes.

Hyena Shivan - Long known in the West as Gnolls. Hyena Shivan are considered untouchables by other Shivan, who kill them on sight, but refuse to eat them.