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Sia bel-Aruthien

Female Sea-Elven Hospitalier

Adopted in Arcada, Aruthien in 56 TC.


Description: Sia is of average height for a Sea Elf, with a famous figure immortalized in dozens of statues around the Kingdoms. She has flame-red hair, normally worn in either a fighting braid or ponytail. Sia’s skin is tanned from years of travel and sea voyages, though it has a slightly more blue-green tint than even most other Sea Elves. Her titled Elven eyes are a sparkling jade green. Due to a selection of magical items, Sia still appears to be just past her teenage years, and will likely go on looking extremely young for most of her life, however long that may be.

Notable Possessions: Sia wields a mithril bastard sword made for her by Cas bel-Taren during the Seafarer’s voyage. This weapon is extremely light and balanced perfectly for Sia, and has been customized by Cas to fit Sia’s own sword style (the famed ‘High Sianic’ style of fighting) The blade is lightly enchanted and considered a holy weapon. Her armor is lightweight mithril chain supplemented by arm and leg greaves. Sia possesses an ancient ring called Coroli taken as plunder long ago during the war with Murmanityed. This ring protects the wearer from hostile time effects, such as Slow or Time Stop, as well as slowing the aging process in the order of ten years to one. Therefore while Sia's chronological age is well over a hundred, physically she is only in her fifties in 178 (very young for an Elf). (Note - the ring must be removed in order for Sia to conceive children, so during the next decade or so she will age normally). Sia is said to retain few other magic items, though it may be possible she simply conceals the rest very well.

Personality: Sia is well known for her intense disposition. She is dedicated, passionate, and stubborn. During her youth in the Murmanityedi War she was quite zealous. The years afterwards mellowed that zeal somewhat, and with age has come wisdom. This is not to say that Sia cannot match her husband in flashes of temper. However, Sia has learned to channel her passions into action, and as such is a decisive and inspiring leader both on and off the battlefield.

History: Princess Sia bel-Shanya, as she was known in her early years (bel-Shanya being common Aruthien patronymic for any orphan) was discovered as a foundling infant left on the steps of the Jut. It was obvious that the girl was a Sea Elf, and on the advice of Thadus and in accord with the wishes of his wife Lysa, King Aruthien adopted the girl as his own. Once Princess Casta bel-Aruthien was born, however, Aruthien was convinced by his advisors that a foundling Sea Elf could not inherit over his firstborn, and he reluctantly removed Sia from the succession. Sia grew up as an older sister to the Royal Family, playing along side Casta, Erian, and Thadus (the Younger) as all of them grew up. The Royal Children had the run of the Jut, and here Sia was taught and instructed as any other child of Aruthien I. Upon reaching the proper age, Sia asked to be allowed to join the Hospitaliers of Mishya. She passed the trials of admission, and eventually rose to lead her sister Casta’s bodyguard of Hospitaliers. When the crusade against Murmanityed was called, Sia volunteered for any task her sister – now Queen – would set before her. Though it pained Casta to send her elder sister on any dangerous mission, she knew that Mishya had not placed Sia with her family to be kept safe and sheltered in the Jut. Sia was assigned to one of the many small bands of elite troops that would try and infiltrate Murmanityed, doing what damage they could as the rest of the Kingdoms attempted to destroy the invading armies. (Sia’s place as commander of Casta’s bodyguard was found – by the hurling of the swords – to be Kynette.) Sia’s exploits as one of the Silent Heroes are well known. After months of wandering the desert, passing through the Pale of Bones, and finally the climactic battle with the Witch-Queen herself, Sia & the Silent Heroes delivered the city of Murdamiya over to Queen Casta’s crusading army. An exhausted and spiritually drained Sia returned to the Kingdoms. She had lost a close friend in the long war, and moreover was surprised to find that the parting of the Heroes (as each went to their separate homes) plunged her into melancholy. She attempted to live some kind of life in Aruthien, but managing even a small town like Mylos held little interest for her, and Sia was restless. She asked her sister’s leave, and retired to the distant wastes with her friend Athenra, where she remained for a decade of spiritual contemplation. Upon her return to the Kingdoms, Sia seemed more herself. She visited many of her old friends (and was privately shocked at how some of them had aged in her absence) and finally settled on a new purpose in life – exploration. The flying ships before the Murmanityedi War had been invaluable in their reconnaissance – and thus Sia decided to build her own. She spent ten years designing and constructing the Wisdom, her own magical flying ship. Then she set out on her many Voyages. For thirty years, Sia made longer and longer voyages, bringing back maps, strange items, and tales of ever more exotic lands. She established the trade route to island-nations such as Eregant and Gardorian. She scouted the last of the Jarl cities. She plotted the best land-route to the Dragon Kingdoms. Finally, in 164, Sia and the ''Wisdom'' left on the most ambitious of her voyages – due west, to see what was across the great ocean. The Wisdom never returned. Ten years later, Queen Casta, guided by prophets of Mishya, assembled a group of companions and sent them to seek Sia out, and return her home if possible. The Wisdom had been damaged in battle with the infamous Pirates of Kraken Isle. Sia nursed the flying ship as long as she could, finally coming upon a distant Temple of Mishya. There she met and fell into an affair with Illian, a Paladin of Mishya and a great help to her and her crew – at the time. However, Illian was of the dark sect of Mishya, a cult dedicated to the spread and use of knowledge – no matter how terrible or forbidden. Illian betrayed Sia (and his unborn daughter) to the Pirates, and aided in the destruction of the Wisdom. Sia was imprisoned in the land of Umjaden, in a dark city by the sea. Here she waited, raising her daughter, Rhea, as best she could in a series of prison cells. Finally, two years later, Cas bel-Taren cut his way into her prison and brought Sia out with him. Both had dreamt of the other for months before their meeting – likely the intervention of Sia’s patron goddess. Cas’ rescue was no surprise to Sia, and at once her plan for the rescue of Rhea was put into effect. With some difficulty, the Seafarers rescued Rhea and set sail for home. With only a slight detour to deal with the last machinations of the Shadow King, Sia, her daughter, and husband-to-be returned to Aruthien. She and Cas were wed in the great Church of Mishya in Arcada, beneath the Jut, in a massive royal ceremony surpassed only by Casta’s dual wedding (one in Aruthien, one in Aligindel) to Phillipi Galili decades earlier. The new Duke and Duchess of the Cassian March had a long honeymoon somewhere in eastern Spaartha. On their return, they gathered their friends and allies and set out for the frontier, establishing a new city in the wilderness. Sia has become the heart of her Duchy, devoting herself to its civil and military affairs much as she devotes herself to her family. Though she often has difficulty with her fractious husband, Sia has managed to forge a sound household in the wilds of the March.

Sia's children are:

Rhea bel-Cas

Cassia bel-Cas (adopted)

Rath bel-Cas

Tala bel-Cas

Phelan bel-Deth (adopted)

Avarel bel-Cas

Sia Lighteyes bel-Cas

Red Kynette bel-Cas

Aiden bel-Cas