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Goddess of Truth

Domains: Archon, Good, Knowledge, Law

Favored Weapons: Longspear, Shortspear


The Spear of Truth

Lawful Good.

Skylae is often depicted as a coldly beautiful woman in Skosian armor, held aloft by white feathered wings.

She is one of the wives of Athor, and mother to Gromm, Braeya, and of the celestial archons.

Skylae eternally strives to increase the power of her followers, to drive back the forces of the dark gods. Like all of the Nine, Skylae desires to promote her moral alignment among mortals, and to thwart or destroy servants of her direct rival, Gathal. Though restrained by the Balance, Skylae's celestial hosts always stand ready to oppose the forces of evil and chaos, and intervene as often as possible to assist their mortal allies in the eternal struggle. Were it not for the law of the Balance, they would intervene whenever possible - but the forces of Skylae respect the law, even if they do not always agree with it.

Skylae's polygamous marriage with Athor - and by extension Marya - is not without conflict. Marya's chaotic nature clashes with Skylae's love of law and order While all three of the light gods are closely allied against the dark gods, Skylae and Marya deal with their foes differently. Skylae prefers direct confrontation, while Marya is more comfortable with indirect means. For all their conflict, however, both goddesses share a core of goodness, and can see where cooperation despite their differences serves that greater font of good. Athor and Skylae are far closer, sharing a deep desire to promote good among the lesser deities and mortal races. Skylae would prefer that Athor be more orderly in his means, and Athor might occasionally wish Skylae more flexible, but such conflicts are minor, as each trusts the innate goodness of the other.

As mother or ancestor to the celestial hosts, Skylae guides her children of the celestial realm. Many of the greatest of the celestials remember the ancient days when Skylae's spear led them in battle against the darkness, and look forward to the day when the goddess raises her spear again. Among the celestials, Skylae's word is Law. Her relationship with Gromm is difficult and often a source of pain to Skylae, as her powerful son rarely heeds his mother's advice and seems bent on creating nothing but destruction in the mortal realm. Braeya is much beloved of Skylae and enjoys her especial favor; though she cannot understand her daughter's pacifism in the face of chaos and evil, she admires her altruism and goodness of spirit.

Skylae embodies truth. She cannot lie (and would not if she could) and deceptions are destroyed by her very presence. Skylae extends the boon of truth to all who seek it. While she may seem inflexible to mortals, it is Skylae's connection to absolute truth which allows her to champion both law and good with unerring consistency. Skylae also embodies altrusim and promotes it to all those who follow her moral code; Skylae desires that all beings, mortal and immortal, act on their concern for the well being of others. For all her purity, Skylae does not forgive easily. A wrong action must be fully repaid with penance. Incomplete penance does not merit forgiveness. Excuses and special circumstances never alter the law, or the penalty for wrongdoing. She can be unbending, but absolute truth is not flexible.

She and her angelic legions are said to dwell in the light fortress of Lyn-Tir, far to the north. Lyn-Tir is a three-part fortress; a third belonging to each of the light gods. Skylae's towers are tall and straight, shining white above the ice of the polar cap. Her portion of Lyn-Tir is orderly and beautiful, embodying the perfect ratios of architecture. Mortal dreams of Lyn-Tir have inspired the architecture of hundreds of cities; Skylae's towers were imitated in Skos before the fall. Though Skylae's portion of Lyn-Tir is beautiful, it also has purpose; it is a training camp and gathering place for the forces of light - awaiting the collapse of the Balance and the inevitable battle to come.

Of all the light gods, Skylae is the most concerned with the guidance of mortals, which she influences by working through her children and grandchildren among the minor gods. Kath, Brandt, Mishya, and Archgate often work with her, as well as other minor gods when Skylae can convince them of the rightness of her cause. Kath is sworn to her service, and is Skylae's especial favorite.

Skylae dislikes the Balance and barely tolerates arrangement, much preferring a return to the ancient times when the light and dark gods - and their legions of followers - fought in open battle. Skylae maintains an especial vigilance against the depradations of Gathal, her arch-rival. She also opposes Phane and Hylarr when their actions bring them into conflict, but Skylae sees Gathal as the greatest threat to creation. Of the light gods, Skylae is the most likely to initiate aggressive action when it seems Gathal may be gaining advantage - which of course invites retaliation in other areas. Skylae is aware of this, and believes that the Balance is temporary at best, and that a final conflict with the dark gods is inevitable, as the dark gods cannot be trusted and will eventually find a way to successfully subvert the Balance. Though she would never go against the word of Uhel, Skylae and her supporters will not be caught unaware by the treachery of the dark gods, and stand ready to do battle for all that is good and right. Until such time as the Balance is broken, Skylae is the most energetic of the Nine, working tirelessly among the celestial hosts, influencing sympathetic minor gods, and even dealing indirectly with beings of power on the mortal plane.

Symbols, Priests, and Temples

Skylae's symbol is the balance scales. Her colors are usually white, blue, and gold.

Her Priests hold to the ancient traditions and orthodox beliefs of Skylae's servants. Her servants have a hierarchy mimicking the celestial archons. Her faithful always stand ready to combat chaos and evil; to do right; and to help those in need.

Temples to Skylae are built in imitation of her segment of Lyn-Tir; tall and white, with graceful columns and strong walls. Skylae respects the sacrifices of her faithful, and many of her temples have ancient statues or tapestries of ancient heroes or martyrs of the faith. The sweeping beauty of the temples suggests cold aloofness; but every Temple of Skylae feeds the needy, houses the homeless, and heals the sick.


Kylisa. The enforcer of Skylae’s laws. She is the right hand of the goddess, and a fearsome warrior as well as academician. Kylisa was a judicial champion while she lived in the ancient Empire of Skos.


Followers of Skylae must always follow both the law and the greater good.

Skylae's faithful are forbidden to lie. Actions which skirt the edge of lies - omission, silence, or failure to speak the truth - incurs penance.

Seven tenths of all wealth must go to altruistic acts; either feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, or healing the sick, or the like.

If it is within their power, followers of Skylae must render aid and assistance when sincerely asked.

Skylae respects the law, and requires her faithful to follow the laws of their secular rulers, so long as those laws do not oppose Skylae's tenets.

Prayers to Skylae are to be offered daily, always facing north. There are many volumes of ritual prayers and catechism for the faithful, listing out ancient and traditional prayers.

Followers of Skylae are encouraged to sway wrongdoers to Skylae's path. Whether through conversion of faith or through divine atonement, Skylae encourages mortals to give up their selfish ways and to serve truth. Those who bring successful converts to Skylae's temples are greatly rewarded when they reach the celestial realms.

Having such an elaborate code of behavior, lapses are bound to occur. Penance for wrongs done is an ancient tradition of Skylae's followers - the Goddess of Truth will forgive the pentient for their lapses, so long as they strive for the true path. Penance is usually set by a senior priest or paladin, though sometimes they are sent directly from Skylae herself.

Sacred Animal

Skylae's sacred animal is the Lion.

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