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Eldest daughter of Kragadum and Shivala, Sorcheena is a powerful red dragon in her own right. Born around the year 600 PN, Sorcheena destroyed her brothers and sisters before they had a chance to hatch, much like her father had done. She accompanied her parents as they raided and conquered the settlements within flight of the Redstone Spur.

It was on one of these conquering excursions, somewhere between 400 PN and 200 PN, that Sorcheena met another great red dragon who called himself Groldern. Groldern was looking to establish his own horde and the Redstone dragons were always looking for powerful allies. Sorcheena offered Groldern an impressive horde (though it was merely surplus to Kragadum and Shivala) and he agreed to fight with the Redstone dragons.

Sorcheena and Groldern eventually bore a clutch of eggs, siring Kraath and Gruumdara among others. The two have remained a mated pair for centuries. Sorcheena is rumored to be a powerful sorceress.