The New Skosian Military

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The New Skosian army is organized much as it was in Skosian days. Ten of every hundred citizens of New Skos serve actively in the military at any time.

New Skosian forces are unique in that every Lance of ten soldiers includes at least one spellcaster of some kind. Ten Lances makes a Cento; and ten Cento make a Host. Neither Host, Cento or Lance has a single commanding officer; usually the most experienced natural leader is followed or decisions are rapidly made as a team.

New Skosian Hosts are quiet powerful and flexible; often changing tactics from light infantry to archers to cavalry over the course of a single day.

New Skos has a very large population; many Hosts are active at a given time, and a great number of Hosts can be raised in short notice. When a band of Hosts are formed, they are commanded by a great leader, called a Serra. Often they are high ranked citizens of Skos, or perhaps the Monarch themselves.

New Skos rarely rouses itself to full war; more often the New Skosian silver ships fight upon the high seas, or a single Host descends upon the enemy and devastates them far from their own shores.

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