Tir Arnoth

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History of Tir Arnoth


The port city of Tir Arnoth was founded on the ruins of an ancient Sea Elven city in 568 PN by Queen Viviane and her mercenary Prince Consort, Duranic. The Sea Elves established trading relations with the city in 552, bringing in exotic items from beyond the gulf to trade with the Istenians. The ancient foundations of the city are much more extensive that Tir Arnoth's walls, to the annoyance of those farmers who eke a living on the sandy soil around the city. The Dukes of Tir Arnoth developed an early interest in sailing, ships, navigation, and the movements of the stars.

Tir Arnoth became a center for the art of navigation, though the learned men of Tir Arnoth knew little compared to the Sea Elves. The city was modestly prosperous as a trading port until the coming of Nagul. The city remained a bustling port, trading all across the Gulf, until Nagul's armies stormed the walls in 9 TC after Korrin the Bald's army was destroyed on the plain south of the city. Most of the city burned. Nagul's forces toppled the old walls, leaving only the main keep standing. After the defeat of Nagul, Tir Arnoth was rebuilt, but much smaller and more compact than the grand city it once was.

The city suffered again in 155 TC, when Jarl raiding ships landed and burnt part of the city. Once again, the damage was repaired, this time with more of an eye towards defense of the harbor. Tir Arnoth now hosts what navy the Kingdom of Aruthien has; about twenty small galleys and seven magical flying ships. The city is still a hub for trade, though recent efforts to improve overland trade with Barloz have been frustrated by the Tantathian wilderness. Some effort has been made to build larger, deep sea sailing ships (with Sea Elven assistance) but the Aruthiens are not a sailing people at heart. All of the Kingdom's shipyards are here, as well as a fine school of stellar navigation.

Sights of Tir Arnoth

Beyond the tall towers and sweep of the harbor, Tir Arnoth offers a few surviving works of art. The ruin of the Lighthouse of Arnoth survives as a stone ring taller than a man, set onto a rocky outcrop at the harbor mouth. Old scrolls tell of a lighthouse taller than the towers of the keep, beaming its warning out to the gulf. The Lighthouse which was probably a Sea Elf ruin) was toppled and destroyed during the 732 taking of the city, and was never rebuilt. Tir Arnoth also boasts the only Sea Elven temples of Kylee and Cheleria north of Misten city. These shimmering graceful buildings are surrounded by breathtaking, elegant gardens, which are said to extend right down beneath the waves, where the Sea Elves are said to tend many varied types of coral and exotic sea creatures.