Tir Einsvar

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Built on the ruins of the Jarl city of Einsvar, Tir Einsvar has become an important seaport in the Cameran Highlands after the war with the Redstone Spur. Excellent fir timber in this area has made it a natural source of ships, both military and civilian.

By 210 PN Tir Einsvar had become the Kingdom of Aruthien's primary naval construction yard, with thousands of folk immigrating to the city to build the great wooden ships. Less than half the construction is military - most are civilian trading ships, though the King's influence has convinced all his merchants to build their ships heavy, capable of bearing arms in their own defense.

This small city's population is a mix of Highlanders and Aruthiens, and is often home to at least part of an Aruthien Legion.

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