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God of Trade and Commerce


Domains: Charm, Knowledge, Language, Trade, Travel

Favored Weapon: Heavy Flail, Shortbow

Vigos the Trader

Lawful Neutral

The god of trade and commerce, Vigos is the son of Bors and Shyla. Vigos loves trade and turning a profit - so long as it is done fairly. He is the honest merchant, the fair dealer. A merchant who follows Vigos is often trusted (though followers of Avaruum sometimes pretend to be followers of Vigos, to cheat the trusting). The scales of Vigos are said to always be balanced.

The Trader has a special interest in gold in any form, and coins in particular. Currency of all types is of interest to him and to his priests. Amassing large amounts of gold and collecting exotic coins are said to be Vigos' hobbies. Stories say Vigos sometimes wanders the stacks of coins before Geth's Gate, trading for exotic coins.

Along with love of gold comes love of numbers and mathematics. It is said that Vigos and Archgate together discovered math, and tried to teach it to the giants in the ancient days. The Cloud Giants took Vigos' boon as their own, and in turn taught many of the younger races or lesser giants.

Naturally, Vigos dislikes those who counterfeit or otherwise cheat with coinage; as well as disliking those who seek to cheat or deal with others unfairly. From time to time, Vigos will punish those who claim to deal in his name but do so dishonestly. Usually this chastisement is carried out by his faithful, but occasionally the Trader will make a spectacle out of a trickster.

The Trader has significant conflicts with Shalokar and Avaruum. Vigos' conflicts with his sister are legendary - constant competition between their followers often breaks out into open violence. The root of this rivalry goes back to the ancient days of the gods - when Vigos taught mortals to make the first gold coins in Naduum, Avaruum and Shalokar stole the master molds and began creating forgeries. Incensed, Vigos paid Brandt to track the miscreants down, and recovered his molds - but both the art of making coin and the art of faking them had been loosed among the mortals. Vigos was bitterly angry with Avaruum and Shalokar for tainting his gift, and has never forgiven them.

Vigos is said to be good friends with Archgate. Their houses are next to each other on the Dannenbrock, and the two are said to enjoy playing games of chance with each other. Temples to Vigos are often constructed by hiring the local temple of Archgate's artisans.

Vigos final.jpg

Vigos helps those who deal fairly, often by bargaining with them - a service for a service. Vigos' bargains are always fair, and the best of them profit both the god and the mortal who serves him. Vigos hates unfair bargains and refuses to bless them.

Strangely enough, bands of mercenaries often appeal to Vigos in their contract negotiations and in their career; Vigos favors those who drive fair bargains and serve faithfully.

Vigos is usually depicted as a well dressed Dwarf with a golden beard, or sometimes a golden dragon.

Vigos the Explorer


The Explorer encourages his followers to find new things, and to journey far from home. This aspect of Vigos does not conflict with the Trader, merely complements him - for far lands, once explored, can often be traded with. The aspect of the Trader often follows the Explorer.

The Explorer's wanderlust necessitates a love of language; and thus the Explorer rules over language, speaking every tongue and making them understandable to others. Indeed, even math to the Explorer is just another language. This deep understanding of math aids in the science of navigation; of plotting time and speed and distance. The Explorer also enjoys maps, and encourages the art of cartography.

The Explorer is usually depicted as a one-eyed Dwarf with a golden beard, or sometimes as a one-eyed golden dragon.

Symbols, Priests and Temples

Vigos' symbol is a gold coin.

Priests of Vigos are often moneychangers; weighing and exchanging old or foreign coins for local currency (weighed and valued by the temple itself). They often serve as arbitrators in trade deals, or as consultants as to the value of a given item or service. Naturally they prefer cloth-of-gold robes, but brown and orange are also colors associated with Vigos.

Often in conflict with followers of Avaruum and Shalokar, priests of Vigos often hire mercenaries or guards from other faiths, usually those thought to be reliable and honorable.

Temples of Vigos often serve as mints; melting down old or foreign currency and creating new coins (of uniform weight). They often contain large sums of gold within. As such, they are often designed to deter thieves, with cunning traps and deadly defenses. They are commonly located near a Temple of Archgate, as they two gods get along well and often cooperate.


Avatar: Vigos has many Avatars, usually the ghosts of great traders and merchants who have passed beyond. If they owed debts in life, Vigos will see them paid, for a term of service as his messenger and aide.


Tenets: Followers of Vigos may bargain, but may never cheat. They may never knowingly deal with followers of Avaruum. Once a year, followers of Vigos must make a trading pilgrimage to another place and turn a profit. Followers of Vigos must meditate with gold nearby in order to regain spells.

Sacred Animal: dolphin

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